Heart of greed, TVB's best drama?

Discussion in 'Heart of Greed - 溏心風暴' started by kfong1, May 29, 2007.

  1. kfong1

    kfong1 Banned

    Is this TVB's best drama... If not what is...
  2. philostrate

    philostrate Well-Known Member

    certainly is the best i've watched this year.....

    most of the 2007 series r good...
  3. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    I totally agree man!!
  4. cat

    cat Well-Known Member

    This drama series is the best I have watch. I am waiting for "The drive of life" to come out I heard this drama series is also one of the best TVB series of 2007 - it is start with Sheren Tang, Raymond Lam, Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh and Ron Ng and it is about 60 chapters long.
  5. philostrate

    philostrate Well-Known Member

    seems like TVb has extra budget doing so many long series...
  6. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    maybe it's cos of their anniversary being celebrated in big scale.
  7. goo wak jai

    goo wak jai Well-Known Member

    the series is aite... well just watched up to ep 9 -rotfl
    hm... the brink of law and dicey business are good seres too
  8. stef

    stef Well-Known Member

    omg i find this drama so exciting every episode ! yeah for me it's the best drama :]
  9. xlilxkidx

    xlilxkidx Member

    heart of greed is good.. but the best of this year? i dont know.. lol.
  10. philostrate

    philostrate Well-Known Member

    there are more to come....
  11. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    Well, I hope there are more good shows. Seriously, after this series, I'd be surprised if TVB comes up with a better script. They usually have mediocre scripts and depend more on the stars to bring the ratings up...
  12. i don't think its even close to TVB's best works.... in the 80's there were so much good series... <_< probably best this year... but you'll never know.. "drive of life" is also a big budget and antisipated series...which will be airing soon.... so that will give HOG a run for their money. :p
  13. JennV

    JennV Well-Known Member

    Heart Of Greed Is The Best Series I've Seen In Many Years, But As Shinobi Said, Drive Of Life Is Coming Out, And I Think It Has 60 Episodes? So I Dont Know, There Might Be A Competition .
  14. minties4881

    minties4881 New Member

    I like heart of greed the best ive seen so far though i think, they can shorten it abit instead of dragging it on...
  15. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    But there's 60 episodes in drive of life...hope I have the patience to sit through it.
  16. daisy

    daisy Well-Known Member

    I don't mind sit through it if is a good series like HOG.
  17. daisy

    daisy Well-Known Member

    There are so many good drama series are showing in 2007. I just wonder where is TVB get their extra budget from.
  18. robsh

    robsh Well-Known Member

    cant say its the best
    but its the best in recent yrs
    seems this time TVB puts some effort in letting ppl who can act starr in this series
  19. pto88

    pto88 Well-Known Member

    best drama? I don't know about that

    I find it predictable
  20. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    Really? Well, I didn't predict the romance at all...I'd expected to hate Raymond, but ended up loving him. I expected Sheung Joi Sum to fall for Moses when Raymond broke up with her but she didn't.

    Even the family fight for fortune has a twist according to all the rumours about Bosco...

    Predictable? Hmm...maybe I'm too simple minded to predict all that -sweat