Heart of greed, TVB's best drama?

Discussion in 'Heart of Greed - 溏心風暴' started by kfong1, May 29, 2007.

  1. little_angel_846

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    THIS IS THE BEST 2007 SERIES!! i love the plot, i love the characters in dis series and all of them played realli well~ and dis series makes me realli sad too! it's a great shoW!
  2. kirkys

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    i must admit, this IS a VERY GOOD show, you'd always anticipate for the next episode to come out, but at the start it got a bit laggy but then it got better, now i juz cant wait till show ends ^^"
  3. philostrate

    philostrate Well-Known Member

    the casting for drive of life is strong too. hope they can give us another surprise...

    dun always predict wat's about to come and probably u'll enjoy the show more..
  4. dinkojinko

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    Heart of Greed is definitely one of the best TVB series in a very long time. You always have meaningless series with unrealistic plots, but with this one, it's so touching and it hits so many aspects of real experiences worldwide.
  5. y0shii

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    So many cliffhangers!!! I'm stuck on ep 35 and i want to see the rest already but the download section is not appearing for me =( AHhhhhh cliffhangerrrr!!
  6. mulder99

    mulder99 Member

    has to be the best series for 2007, slow in the first 5 episodes but gets better with each one ..can't wait for the finale..

    tip Moses to get best actor award for 2007.
  7. Ryo_Ohki2

    Ryo_Ohki2 Member

    My wife loves it.. she keeps making me check for the next episoides.

    Wish I could understand Cantonese so I could watch it. Need english subtitles :(
  8. dogshi

    dogshi Member

    not the best from tvb, but the best of 07
  9. Arctic_fire

    Arctic_fire Well-Known Member

    not the best one.

    but might be the best one this year.. but this tvb year has been soso..
  10. been watching tvb dramas for almost 20 yrs n i gotta say i dun recall any better den HOG. i dunno bout the 80's lol i was too young den to recall but i gess TVB released this drama at da rite time cos i've been hearing bout this HK family fighting over their family fortunes n its gone to court n stuff n it was real big news in HK. apparently (sum1 correct me if i'm wrong) the wife got da money but not long after dat she died. so i gess dats another reaon y HOG is getting realli high ratings the theme is similar to wot happened in HK. the real life court drama got everyone interested n tvb juz grab this opportunity for HOG. as for dat 60ep series it better b interesting da whole way thru or else viewers will juz lose interest realli quickly. there was a period early on in HOG dat felt lyk da series wasnt reali going anywer. but now it makes sense dat they juz used it to build everything up for da climax. its awesome how they've built everything up so meticulously for da ending while keeping it realli interesting wid da 'love square'(linda, yoyo, raymond n to a lesser extent moses). a 60ep series is gonna b so much harder to keep interesting den a 40 ep series. myt eat my own words but i dun c it been better den HOG. heh... sry 4 da longwindedness lol. waiting patiently for 38...-clapclap
  11. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the beginning was a little draggy, with too much exaggerated feelings from the Tong family. But good thing it picked up soon enough
  12. emmy

    emmy Well-Known Member

    I think heart of greed is maybe the best serie of this year 2007. Because there are lots of suspense and lot of famous actor in this drama.
  13. litohmoo

    litohmoo Member

    this is a good serie... i only got to chapter 9. I'll see if it's the best or not. =)
  14. shinybow

    shinybow Well-Known Member

    Just finished watching ep38, I found out that everything is in a "rush" mode, I am afraid that they are going to screw up the finale by giving us a "bone" conclution at the last minute of ep 40, TVB is really famous doing that, I will really piss if they try to push a "tiger head, sneake tail" trial at the end.
  15. shinybow

    shinybow Well-Known Member

    You maybe missed "Looking back in anger" by Felix Wong, to me that serie was the best TVB ever (even up to today), the 2nd wife in HOG is an angel compare to the young brother at "Looking back in anger". That serie was a complete story not like most of today series which are rush from the begging to end with so many holes in the plot.
    BTW, that serie is from the middle 90's, your Mom or Aunt might have it in VHS in the basement.
  16. edmundteh

    edmundteh Well-Known Member

    the best for 2007...? still early to say..more to come...
    but there also the good old days...with more excellent series.
  17. kakenx

    kakenx Well-Known Member

    I'd say this is the best Ive watched in a long time!
  18. kenshin

    kenshin Well-Known Member

    I agree with you guys that this is the best 2007 serie so far. The actors did a pretty good job and their performance is certainly above average.
  19. daphne_uijen

    daphne_uijen Member

    I would have to say that this series is really one of the best ones I've watched for a long time. The characters in this series really took up their roles very well except for Fala Chen (in my opinion). Can see vast improvements in Linda's acting and Raymond's performance was good. Hhhmm.... the story line is a bit draggy in the beginning I agree but as it went on... things were real good =)

    I will definitely miss this series! =(
  20. jihhaur

    jihhaur Member

    Yeah, this is the best series for the year....Keep it up!