Hello! From an aspiring Canadian YouTube artist :)

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    Hi everyone! Nice to meet you :)

    My name's Jian, and I'm a 21 year old med student from Canada!

    I love Asian culture, and I especially LOVE Asian music, or just music in general! Actually, I love music so much so that I've put a lot of time into making a YouTube channel full of videos of myself performing and singing that I can share to the world :)

    If you have the time, feel free to listen to make music on YouTube by clicking here :yes:

    Other than that, I like to direct/edit films, and draw.

    Looking forward to my time here! :)
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    Impressive!! "Never Meant To Be" is excellent!

    Nice views of our city too hahaha I recognized it right away.

    Cowtown ftw!

    Also, nice colab with Robynn Yip... I don't actually speak fluent canto, but I do enjoy the music and Robynn and Kendy put out, the vocals are great.
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    Hey I've seen you on TVB's "The Voice" Season 2! Welcome to PA :wavey:
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    Welcome! Best of luck with your music! :whip: