HOG2 character fate (spoiler alert)

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    read in an article that this is what happens to some but not all of the characters
    1. All Joe bao and hor ma's blood relatives have good endings
    2. Ah yuet (Tavia Yeung) dies of cancer
    3. Ah Ka (Moses Chan) has heart problems due to stress in stock market but does not die
    4. Ma Ma (Grandma) dies from being pushed down the stairs
    5. Hong Yi goes to jail for manslaughter (from pushing grandma down stairs)
    6. Kate Tsui marries lai lok yee because the cake business goes to lai due to hong yee help

    Others character endings not mentioned

    Its good that Moses character didn't die but why do they have to kill of tavia's character, in previous interviews the script writers wanted Moses character to be killed guess Moses persuaded them not to. The writers decided this time to punish the antagonist because they thought that evil should not be left unpunished and also the fact that in HOG sai kai was remorseful at the end and because hong yie was pure evil thats why they decided to give her a band ending
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    wooops.....haha i didnt see this thread b4 i submit mine =p, but i had some details on that crime thing