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  1. titi

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    Biologically, the SNB of a male should be slightly bigger than a female's. however studies have found that gay men have one that is the same size as a females.

    but we don't know what comes first. Does a smaller SNB cause homosexuality or does homosexuality shrink your SNB...?

    Thus, it cannot be genetically proven...we can't dissect someone's brain and put it back to see if they will live and become gay!

    anyways, whether genetic or not...there is nothing wrong w/ it.

    We live in a free world, can do wutever we feel like.

    And all the religious debates against it, well god gave us free will, so there you go.

    i just don't like ppl getting discriminated for any reasons esp. b/c of their race and sexual orientation.
  2. leefooleong

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    I can live with the facts that there are gays and lesbians around us and they can be my friend, but as a christian I will not encourage them.

    Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
    2 Corinthians 5:17
  3. donkeyhit

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    i heard a news somewhere on the forum stating that...
    "Homosexuality is just a DNA disorder"...
    saying that it's a genetic and was born with the gene...

    but i aint sure abt that... btw... i discoruage homosexuality... but i dont care as long as they dont bother me =p
  4. p3ps1c0la

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    Yes let's all pick up a book that was written 2000+ years after jesus's death a.k.a fairy tale and base our lives and how we judge people upon it. Yay! Don't worry I won't go to hell since jesus died for my sins even b4 I was born.
  5. Loner

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    Yes, people are born gay. It's not a choice, however in some cases some may choose to be gay
  6. AC0110

    AC0110 Let the Fun Begin

    well i aint against anyone who's gay, as long as i aint bother. I'm HAPPY hah
  7. Tao_lung

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    I personally have no problem with it. All I kind of say to the situation to this is, "If your a homosexual its fine by me, just don't look at me weird." My friends who are homosexual laugh when I say that to them.
  8. aussiekid

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    well they're are ok kua.. nothin to dsicriminate against them unless their personality really pisses u off.
    genetic? alot claim so.. but i still think mostly is in their minds. i ve seen many gays from start becomin straight aft hard lives n all..
  9. hkm91450

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    Yes, homosexuality is genetically pre-dispositioned because of DNA and all that crap.

    But homosexuality is also a choice for some people too. I know one guy who's overweight, not very attractive and quite eccentric in personality, who never had a girlfriend all in highschool - and then after graduating - came out as gay.

    All throughout high school, you would have never thought he was gay - except for maybe a slight lisp in his talk - but he didn't dress like one, didn't style like one, wasn't built like one (he's 6ft5 and is heavy).

    After coming out, he started buying 'gay' styled clothing, and did the mohawk thing - but is still overweight. And although he claims to be Gay, he has never done anything (not even kiss) a guy yet. Nor has he kissed a girl...
  10. trinomial

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    i think theres some theory is that 50% nature and 50% nurture is what dictates what kind of character you are....learned it in psychology
  11. ahhamah

    ahhamah Well-Known Member

    The bible is not always right.
  12. asn_mnc

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    i dun mind it
    many ppl who is homo or something are sooo cuteee
  13. rNb99

    rNb99 Well-Known Member

    nope i don't have any problems with gay people. they are just normal human beings like everyone else...
  14. don

    don ello

    don't really care.....i do have a couple of friends that are gay and it's fine
  15. dot

    dot Well-Known Member

    i believe some ppl were born gay.. but i also believe some ppl choose to be gay... i wonder what is the most important factor in driving the latter
  16. hiake

    hiake Vard√łgr of da E.Twin

    Not racist, of course not. It's called homophobia.
  17. itzd0pey

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    why do people say there afraid of 'homos', not like they did anything to you. and like, it's there life. it's really none of your business. gays are people just like everyone else. do they look any different? anywho... i don't think it's genetic.i think it's your choice of sex. whatever you prefer i guess. you can't be gay because someoen said you are. hmm maybe you're born gay? who knows.
  18. ezai

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    I really don't understand why some people hate homosexuals.
    It is just beyond my understanding what compels some of them to go to the extent of hate crimes. Don't they have anything better to do.
    Its a persons choice who they want to have sex with .
    Who cares !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. onelove

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    man..all those ppls that keeps sayin "i dont mind gays as long as they dont bother me", quit bullshiiting la` how are they gonna bother you? do u think if they start chattin to u that they're gonna pounce on ya any minute? or gays kissin is just fckn gross? wats the statistics of seein any homos out there pashin in public? well i haven't seen any`` but how bout those hetero couples that seriously need a room cos they ain't respectin public comfort zone? i ain't gay but i got no probz with it cos they're most likely to be more conservative and keep their sexual business in a closet`

  20. kenshi

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    Your very sheltered, I've seen gays making out in public and its gross!
    They are probably checking out your ass when your not looking too LOL

    But like someone said 'they can't help it' so let them do whatever they like even though its abnormal its their business.

    Oh by the way someone told me that gay asians are considered to be at the bottom rank of the gay community....Typical!!!
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