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    ^realli``? mai ass? lolol...well..it is hot stuff, can't blame them` i live in aus and its accepted..but i don't see gays often anyway`

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    Well...I personally have a problem with the whole "they can't help it" thing. There's a gene that codes for suceptability to alchoholism...is that an excuse?
    I think we should accept the people but not the act but that's because I'm Christian.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not condeming homosexuals. In fact some of the homosexuals that I've met have been great people. But I'm just saying that "It's genetic" can't really be a reason for accepting them. I think we should accept them because when it boils down to it, they're people as well right?
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    i feel the same way as u..as i christian homosexuality is not accepted thats y i don't like them..and its weird having a gay guy around IMO
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    So your ass is hot?! wow can I see? jks!

    I live in Sydney too and I walk through Oxford street a few times (they are all there).
    I wouldn't say accepted, it's just that people just don't care....

    Nextime you see rainbow stickers outside night clubs bars or even on cars etc know that they are the symbols of homosexuality.

    I don't care about them either, they do whaterver they like its their life.
    Personally I just don't think its normal... it's a little messy and not much purpose to it.
    but then again its good for population control, maybe its natures way of controling population.

    Someone told me once that its meant to be about Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve! LMAO

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    The gene made you suseptible to the deviance (in the sense of being different, not the other, tradition defintion of deviance) of behaviour. But I guess it all boils down to a matter of choice. My attitude is more like, I won't judge a person base on the fact that he/she is hetero/homo. But as a person in general:
    I think I am a hetero today, but it doesn't mean that I will NEVER see a girl that I love as a partner (thus, a matter of choice). But heck, that choice is mine and mine ALONE. As long as I won't be harassing the girl and all activities are consensual (which, if activities are not consensual, it is wrong regardless if it is homosexual OR heterosexual), WTF does me being with another girl (meaning homosexual) have anything business in other people's life.
    I guess homosexuals are more conservative to a certain extent because they do fall victim to hate crime (for being homosexuals AND not ashamed by it, thus PDAs).
    And I totally see the reason behind Asian homosexuals being the lowest rank. Who the heck will respect you if you feel ashamed of yourself and remain in the closet (most of the Asians, due to their ultra-conservative upbringing and family, are)?
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    Tend to think it's genetics and really don't see anything wrong with it. Just that we were brought up to think it's wrong.
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    Does it really matter if it's genetic or not? Does it change anything special except that some people will be able to accept homosexuals a little easier than if it was scientifically proven that they choose it themselves?Why do you have to see them as 2 boys and 2 girls? Why don't you see them as two human beings that love each other? And nobody asked you to think about when they're having sex or kissing so why are you thinking about it anyway. I don't understand why some people think that homosexuals are different than anybody else it's not as is they're more sexual active than anybody else who's straight so that they need to jump on the next person of the same gender. Just accept them and wish them good luck just like any couple in the world ^^
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    Same here...nothing wrong with that
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    I think some are born gay/les, others turn it, and some don't know what sex to supposedly like.

    I mean, how were the first gay people gay? I don't think they had a thing against gay people when people were having orgies and $hit. So when one guy who wasn't getting any got jealous and wrote the Bible, he was like, "Yo fu-k gay people." And today half the people are like, "Yo fu-k gay people." That's a history lesson.

    The Bible has an excuse explanation for every hypocritical verse they have in it. Incest is also a sin, but who the hell did Adam and Eve's children marry? Exactly.
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    I don't care. As long as both chicks are hot ;)
    But seriously, I have nothing against gays. I just don't like it when they adopt children as their own.
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    not a disorder, a gentic mutation for adaption, sorry disorder sounds so negative

    ok that aside, i'm not sure if it is a DNA thing, cause if that's the case, should there be ALOT more recorded cases of mammals besides humans being homosexual?
    you have heard cases of dogs being gay, or something similar, but hav eyou ever heard of a case that a female dog having sexual relations with another female dog

    i dunno, i kinda agree that no one is completely homosexual or hetersexual
    it's how you choose, but I am a christian
    so i choose to follow the path that a man and woman should try to find a companion with someone of the opposite sex, as nature has created it to be (for reproduction)

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    Not only activists, scientists also. Why? Because it has been proven that animals participate in acts of homosexuality also. So what product of environment would you chalk it up to?

    If pisses me off that closed minded people like yourself sound off so damn confident with your ignorant opinions when infact you're all just blind to that fact that you're ignorant. Science has proven it through observation.

    There are three types of homosexuality; genetics (genetic flaw/defect), product of environment, and experimenting.

    Edit: Also, keep in mind that gays have existed through out history so if you want to blame homosexuality on certain events (whatever it may be) think about history and if that event or circumstance could have even existed.
  13. As a christian i believe homosexuality is wrong. i believe this is more of a spiritual problem, from a young age a peron can be influenced or even possesed by what i call evil spirits, demons or what new agers refere to as spirit guides, thee all the same thing. they are responsible for manipulating these people, putting thoughs into their heads and making them behave like this. as for animals performing homosexual acts...... Jesus cast out demons/evil spirits and all the filthy demons entered a herd of pigs. If they can cause this problem with humans then im very sure it can be done with animals too. But im a christian, so i understand if this is a bit to much to accept or believe.
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    ^Yeah, and whenever someone takes a dump, there's this demon called Big-bad-pooh-pooh-face that arises, and his evil aura is responsible for the resulting putrid, shitty smell.

    Back on topic, personally, I don't believe it's genetics at all, until there's solid proof, like actual chromosomes/genes found only in homosexuals. Homosexuality in animals can probably be attributed to them mating only once a year - they get horny and...they're just animals.

    Anyone against homosexuality should just mind their own business. Just let others love whoever they choose. If they want to get married, let them. Considering the divorce rates nowadays, there's nothing sacred about marriage. Just look at Britney Spears, she got married and divorced within days. If a homosexual couple wants to adopt a child, let them, because they surely aren't better or worse than all the poor parenting evident in the world by 'natural' couples. All it takes are 2 responsible adults who know what they are doing.
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    Of course, the ever-colourful verses of the Bible, the canon for morality and righteousness.

    But really, can't really care less as reproduction is no longer THE point of marriage, since there are a-plenty heterosexual couples who do not raise children.

    Talking about the evil spirits -- I would think it is stretching it a bit too far to say evil spirits are at work to make one willing to endure the harassment of the intolerant others to be homosexual/gay/lesbian -- one NEED to be extremely persistent, and persistence, is not a virtue of the "evil spirits". The fact that Christianity cannot tolerate diversity, and then praise the so-called half-hearted "rehabilitation" (oh the holy spirits dispelled the evil spirits, your son/daughter is NORMAL again) disgust me. WTF is normal anyways. One surely should appreciate the persistence of many marginalized groups, they have made it that far and still hanging on. I admire them.

    However, even though I support homosexuality or freedom in sexual orientation, I do not think freely about adoptions. Since it is hard enough to be adopted (or orphaned), it is unwise and unnecessary to make the child go through being labelled and marginalized due to his/her parents' sexual choices. It's a hard world, baby.
  16. nice replies, u must remember that it goes beyond diversity, its either right or wrong, and i believe homosexuality is wrong as mush as i think getting drunk is wrong. one is no better or no worse than the other, they are simply wrong.

    if a pedophile, a murderer and a lier can say "oh thats just how i am" are u telling me u wont condem them? its diversity afterall, who are you to draw a boundary and say "this wrong is wrong" and "this wrong is right", the only way to resolve this issue is recognise what is wrong and what is right and stop putting it down to so called diversity.


    I genuinly hope u come to know Jesus one day, im sure u've had bad expieriences in the past but i hope they can be resolved. remember christianity is supposed to be a relationship with God, not a religion.
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    In a general sense, pedophiles and murders and other social deviances that are labelled unlawful are often what we called sociopaths, meaning they are unable to empathesize with others, thus able to commit the unspeakable to hurt others. I think it's not fair to compare homosexuals to such sociopaths since homosexuals (most of them anyways) are people who only differ from the rest of us in their choice of partner. If the relationship is consensual, where exactly is the problem?
    Stating clearly what is wrong and what is right only lend people to be self-righteousness to condemn others -- which often ends in bloodshed. Perhaps God is on your side, perhaps eradicating anything different from canon is the way, perhaps black should remain slaves (since they are tainted), perhaps women should be locked up and not educated since they are from a rib bone of men anyways, but changes are there for a reaso. If the change is so wrong, per se, it would eventually disappear and revert back to its original state without a swing of the righteous sword.
    As I have said before, if a homosexual happens to be a pedophile, murderer or some such, the crime is in his/her sociopathic acts, not in his/her choice of partners. A pedophile is a pedophile regardless of the gender of the victim.

    I had come a long way to learn to be skeptical and think for myself, I sure as hell won't go back to become part of the herd again.
  18. i guess thats were our opinions differ, but i hope you walk a fruitful path.
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    gay ppl have their own interests we have our own.
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    Homosexuality is normal, since they find cases in the animal kingdom. Hey why not, we have a population crisis anyway, not procreating would not threathen the human race