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  1. tdmt

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    it's fine. i have gay friends. they talk really funny
  2. tree

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    i dont mind at all. afterall i think it only affects the gays and lesbians themselves. but i seriously cant stand it when two guys become all lovey-dovey in public places. =S but the same goes for a 'normal' couple ie guy with girl - i think they really shldn't be showcasing that stuff in public. i just think it's more disgusting to see two guys at it.
  3. hiake

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    How about 2 girls making out? I am always curious if gay is overshadowing lesbians in homosexual discussions -- afterall, even the US advocates only oppose gay marriage and said (or promote) nothing of the lesbian counterpart ;)

    I guess I just don't like people getting touchy-feely in public, it gets very uncomfortable and make me feel stalker-ish. Or maybe I am.
  4. nyckeion

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    i think it does include the 2 girl thing since it is the same sex i believe
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    huh animals practice homo sexuality? show me the article pls but pls not some bacteria or microscopic creature
  6. homosexuals aren't abnormal people. they're just a little different and we shouldn't look down on them. No doubt, it's wrong in a religion point of view, but so what?they're still humans like you and me! it doesn't mean they have extra feet or 3 eyes if they're homosexuals! Homosexuality is caused by both nature and nurture.
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    The adults who run my church definitely think it's wrong. They always say things like "Man and woman were meant to be together." But I personally believe that homosexuality is not wrong. I have gay friends and I love them to death. I wouldn't treat anyone differently because they were homosexual.
  8. sauvage

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    I read somewhere that it's genetic, but there are other reasons for being gay.
  9. nyckeion

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    being gay is fine not like it means anything they can have their own preference we can have our own
  10. maywan

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    I did some research paper on it recently, and it says that scientists have managed to find out that it is partially as a result of genetics and soon they will be able to figure out which gene is causing this trait and possibly terminate it before the birth of the child.
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    I thought that your god don't want you people to judge on others as He will judge one day!?! Why intervene with god's plans for that person?
  12. BabyRain

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    Why would they want to alter the gene 'to terminate' it? Are you saying homosexuality is wrong?
    Not so, according to the Bible.

    Jesus says nothing about same-sex behavior.

    The Jewish prophets are silent about homosexuality.

    Only six or seven of the Bible's one million verses refer to same-sex behavior in any way -- and none of these verses refer to homosexual orientation as it's understood today.

    Read this article

  13. hiake

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    Ah yes, that day will come when we all resemble each other, as if we come from cookie cutter of some sort... White, beautiful, heterosexual.. There will not be racism because there's no race to speak of, no sexism because everyone, be it male or female, are dependent on each other, and no ageism because everyone will drop dead once they are pass their prime? And discrimination based on sexual orientation will be history because everyone will be heterosexual, and females will actually resemble Stepford Wives?

    Equality at its finest, if you ask me.

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    You know what's annoying? How some people are all "as long as I don't see them make out (or show public intimacy)" while there's many heterosexual people doing the same exact thing and the same people are perfectly fine with it. :|

    Speaking of that, doesn't anyone wonder how a homosexual feels surrounded by heterosexual people?

    ... Terminate the gene? Wow, how intolerable people have become... :|
  15. most men claim to hate homosexuality, but as soon as two homosexual women are at it they are all 'eyes and ears' camera phones on the ready and watnot.
  16. aurezai

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    I suppose they don't like homosexuality between two men. I don't think they should use the word hate, then. :/ Probably more of a preference? It's kinda like with women, they like it when two men doing it but disike women are doing it. Odd, isn't it?
  17. basically some people like homosexuality as long as its men, and for some, as long as it is women.
  18. azngirl94

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    its not wrong its just likeing differently but living the same life i dont get why ppl make fun of it
  19. hiake

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    PDA is not okay not regardless of the parties involved. It`s just annoying.

    Thus there exist enclaves in bigger cities called gay village? San Francisco has Castro, there`s Babylon in Pittsburg -tongue2

    Human beings has NEVER been a tolerable race since the beginning of recorded history.

    Thus discriminatory and hypocritical.

    I think it`s more than preference, because male homophobia is WAY more common than female homophobia. Gay men can get KILLED for being gay, lesbian women will only get odd looks.

    I thought it`s the same as heterosexuality. Men isn`t choosy as long as he got a girl and vice versa? So why do the heterosexuals ride the moral high horse?

    Because difference in lifestyle is not tolerated in human beings.
  20. well, if anybody is gona speak against it then the least they could do is be against the act of ALL homosexuality regardless of whether its two men or two women.