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  1. Espresso Bunny

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    The bible is the worst type of reference ever. It's just like killing someone with out reason. With out a dependency on reason, logic wouldn't make sense.

    Quoting from the Bible is absurd because using religion is using faith, belief and is not concrete.
  2. fearless_fx

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    homosexuality cant be that big of a deal... priests have sex with little boys all the time and I dont see the church excommunicating and damning them for all eternity
  3. BagGirl

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    Theres nothing wrong with being gay, people who do have a problem with it are just ignorant. gay people tend 2 be the niciest people 2 know.
  4. suijei

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    That's a bit of a stereotype...I think it'd be better to say that they're just like everyone else...-unsure
  5. tree

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    Uhh..made this comment some time ago.. and now I realised that it ain't homosexuality that's the issue...
    Just the other day I was watching two gays on the train, and I realised it's what they're doing that makes me go 'urghh!' and not who they are. After all this talk, is homosexuality really an issue? Afterall, these people we're talking about are human as well and they do the same things as everybody else. They ain't no different from any of us eh. Seriously, I dont' see how they're not normal!
  6. yip

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    i dunt have anything against them

    but i dunt wanna get to friendly with them in case, woop woop, and im copin it b4 i no it
  7. aznkalun

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    nothing wrong....people were freaking out over interracial relationships decades ago...we're all human aren't we?
  8. hiake

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    Interesting logic, do you hit on your friends' girlfriends, every single one of them?? Eat the same food as your friends do?? Do absolutely everything your friends do??

    Unless the answer to the above question is a yes, I don't think the whole "just in case I start copying their lifestyle" excuse will fly. That's just a pretty lame excuse to be intolerant. -nono
  9. nonetheless, the chic in his avatar is hot.
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    lol, all you care about is chicks :p