Hong Kong Education: How Does It Work?

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    Hmmmm watching this has confused me beacuse the hong Kong secondary examinations are ment to be simialr to the UKs.

    But they want the 3 kids to get at least 20 points?? and im assuming that means 20 grades A-Cs right?? I mean 20 is alot the maximum you can get round here in UK is like 18.

    Or am i getting it all wrong
  2. OhanaUnited

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    A = 5 points
    B = 4 points
    C = 3 points
    D = 2 points
    E (last passing grade) = 1 point
    F / U = 0 points

    When calculating your points, they choose your 6 highest grades, therefore the "max" combined points you can possibly get is 30 points, even if you get A's on all 10 subjects (because they only allow candidates to take up to 10 exams). You need at least 8 points to move on to F.6 (gr.11). And there are several incidences in the past that potentially screw up, or really screwed up, students marks and the examination body admits it's their fault (see Wikipedia link below for details). However, HK's exams are harder than UK's and it's not uncommon to see that a student that gets a C in a subject in HK exam can get an A or B in UK's exam.

    Read Wikipedia if you want to know more... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Kong_Certificate_of_Education_Examination
    And if you can read Chinese, they have more details than the English Wikipedia... http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/香港中學會考
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    I think that just about says it, in any language, LOL...

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    lol, f5 is like yr 10 right? lol, wow they look so old to be 16 - 17 yr olds , but anyway, lol,
    to get a 20, it must be pretty hard :p , since its way harder than most countries Exams
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    nah i reckon i could get that.
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    lol, i need A神 to help me :p, lol its a lot harder than it looks, lol, kids at Famous Schools even need tutoring and etc,
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    nah still will get it.
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    It's just like university, it's not about how well you know everything, it's about how well you know everything relative to that year's students. Obviously you gotta know your stuff fairly well given the volume of students writing the exam, but I believe the hardest part about is probably the atmosphere in which you have to study under. You can only make good experimentalists and not very good theorists just cause you never have enough free time to think and be creative.