How is the dice game are played??

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  1. cheanyau

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    Can someone explain how is the dice game played??
    What are the rules??
  2. bbes

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    ye read that and still not sure what the rules are. understand some of it but not all of it.
  3. w10_chi24

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    IF u played the card version of liar or cheat .. u should understand the rules!
    Simply its player 1 . .. start calls the number of dices on a face... For example .. 2 - 4 [ : : ][ : : ] * note* your opponent dice's counts too..
    If player 2 decide not to call him a LIAR.. player call numbers higher than wat player just said
    For example .. just number wise 2-5 [ : . : ] [ : . : ]
    or number of dice with the same number ... 3 - 4 [ : : ][ : : ][ : : ]
    this continues.. etc etc ...
    If u're caught lying .. u lose .. Or Someone calls u a liar, but in fact u wasnt .. then they lose !!!
    Any Q's?
  4. Phil

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    lol , i didnt understand either , but the card game looks fun, trading cards and then the loser drinking a blended juf of crap =P
  5. mr_evolution

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    My understanding of the Liar Dice:

    Each participant shakes the dice container 3 times. Each person then takes turn in guessing how many of a particular face (1 dot, 2 dot) there are.
  6. fookjay07

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    ah seen...they never told us how you play the game for the dice part like..
  7. lindaabc123

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    From my understanding you are suppose to convince the other person you are telling the truth while trying to catch the other person lying.

    For example person "A" has 3 sixes and 2 fives, person "B" have 4 twos and 1 five.

    If "A" says 2 fives, there can be 2 responses "B" can give. If "B" thinks "A" is telling the truth then the game keeps going, "B" just name another number. On the other hand if "B" thinks "A" is telling a lie then "B" says open. Since the number of fives on the table is not 2 therefore "A" would loose because "B" caught him lying.

    In the same line of logic, if "A" said 3 sixes and "B" thinks "A" is telling a lie then "B" would say open. Since the number of sixes on the table is 3 therefore "A" would win because "B" was wrong.

    The aim of the game is to convince your opponent you are telling the truth so that he would just name another number and the game keeps going while at the same time you try to catch your opponent lying. Of course if you are really good you can try and convince your opponent you are telling a lie so that he would say open but in reality you are actually telling the truth.

    The tricky part is you don't know what your opponent has got so you have to try and work out what he has from how confident he is when he is naming a number, kinda like poker.

    Oh there is one more rule when you are calling out the number of dice the next person has to call out a number equal to or greater then the previous person. For example "A" says 3 fives then "B" has to say 3 threes or 4 threes, "B" can't say 2 threes.

    I hope that make sense. -^_^
  8. rsx

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    ^Great explanation. OP, read lindaabc123's post and you'll probably get it. You still gotta play it to get it.

    I'm no expert at liar's dice (although I play it quite often), but I think there's an issue with the quoted rule: see bolded text. I thought that if "A" says 3 fives, "B" would have to say 3 sixes or above. In other words, "B" cannot say anything below 3 fives (3 fours, 3 threes, etc.). This is reasonable because you wouldn't want to stall the game and have every participant calling out 3 twos, 3 threes, 3 fours, 3 sixes when you called out 3 fives, right?
  9. lindaabc123

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    Oh really, so the actual number on the dice has to be greater as well. Because I know there are many rules people put in to make the game faster and more interesting. Like some people allow the "one" to be any number they want.
    I'll try playing your way next time, it should make it more interesting, hehe. -^_^
  10. rsx

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    That's right.. the rule makes it so the game goes faster AND increases the pressure as each turn passes. And yes, "ONES" count as any number. However, if someone calls X number of "ones," then the "ones" will NOT count as any number, but rather as only a "one." It's like breaking the barrier, if you will. It's a very risky call, but it can also play to your advantage if you have no "ones."

    Another rule: if all five of your dices are of the same number, then it will count as six dices of the same number. For example, you have 4 twos and 1 one, which means you have a total of 5 twos. If this is the case, then you actually have 6 twos, as an added "bonus" for having all dices with the same numbers.

    I think this is pretty much it. All the people I play liar's dice with goes by these rules, so I'm not sure how altered they are from the "original" game (if there is an original way of playing). Haha, post your experiences on this thread playing by these "new" rules, lindaabc123 and make 'um drink!
  11. bbes

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    oh i think i understand this game now. cool.
  12. rsx

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    I forgot another rule: depending on the number of people playing, the starting person would have to start off with the number of people playing +1 as the minimum. For example, if there are 6 people playing, then the starting person would start with "7 twos/threes/etc" as the bare minimum. Typically, whoever loses gets first calls for the following round.
  13. this is correct.

    i prefer lucky dice ( the poker one) rather than liar when i play to drink... its much easier and you don't have to think about what your opponent is thinking lol im bad at that....esp. when i had a few drinks already <_<

    i don't know why Trios didn't explain the game of the dice maybe because in HK it's a popular adult drinking game and they know kids will be watching the show so they don't want to go in depth with the rules of the game. -lol then again they wouldn't have the game at all rite?
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  14. bbes

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    perhaps or maybe they thought that as it is a popular game then if kids don't understand it they can always ask their parents.
  15. klfoon

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    how the game of lucky dice is played?
  16. wolfsan

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    ^i believe it's like playing cards. but i could be wrong. because...straights dont matter lol.

    guess it's whoever has the most of the same number?
  17. WeakNiZ

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    in the end, its all about luck
  18. jklee369

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    I think this is best explained with an illustration.

    Im going to use 2 people playing to illustrate this (Can be played with more)
    So 2 people playing there will be 5 dice each, so thats 10 in total.

    Player 1 will shout a combo of number, for instance saying there is Three 4s, if btw them from the total of 10 dices there is ATLEAST Three 4s then he is safe, if there isnt then he would lose, but he would only lose if the other player says open and reveal their dices to each other.

    If player 2 thinks there is Atleast Three 4s btw them then he has to shout a value that is higher than Three 4s, this can be achived by either saying Three 5s or 6s, since they are higher than 4s, or by saying Fours whatever (1-6)

    Then player 1 can either shout a value that higher, or if he doesnt believe there be the value that player 2 says he can shout open.
    If the later is said and there was indeed the value said by player 1 then he would lose, on the other hand if the value falls shout then he would win.

    There is also something that needs to be bared in mind, which is that 1s is a joker number, which means that it can be used to represent any number. So if someone says Three 4s, then all the 4s and 1s btw the players will be used to see if there is a total of atleast Three 4s.
    1 is also the highest value in this game, so if someone said Three 4s, one can say Three 1s, but after that is said the 1s are no longer a joker tile and all 1s from then will only represent a 1

    If you still dont understand then let me know
  19. gawain187

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    Liars dice is definitely like cheat except liars dice is more riskier and also lasts more shorter. I would prefer lucky dice, because easier to understand too.