1. Sponge_bob

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    I just finished watch this drama series.

    If there is any award for this movie, I think " Tai Wong Tai Hao " or "Wong Ma Ma" deserve some nomination, hahaha,

    Just my thought.
  2. ralphrepo

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    True, but I thought the guy that play her personal eunuch also deserved some sort of recognition. The way he walked, stooped, sashayed, et cetera, was every bit of what one would expect of an emasculated subservient palace slave. As the Empress Dowager paraded into the chamber with him at her side, I seriously thought that she was walking in with a trained pet dog. This, in fact, is exactly what such a eunuch would have been during those times. Any servant working in the royal household would have to act like their master's dog (with unquestioned loyalty in the face of constant cruelty) in order to maintain their position. The guy may be a third tier actor (Keh Leh Feh) but he certainly played it to the hilt and made it totally believable.
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