Is tippany's umbrella MV hard to find? is it on the new DVD?

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  1. kevin

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    Wow her english is hawttt! Surprised she has no accent, very clear english. surprised this ain't copyright or anything cos it's the same as Rihanna's verse.
  2. ^SM probably asked for permission to use the song =P
  3. EvilTofu

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    Of course they pay the the rights to use that song

    It's one of my favorite solo performance by her, it was sang well and was kinda sexy...
  4. Flames

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    how timmany~~~~ :trollface2:
  5. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Oh that make sense now. Ah that's like another song that I can't remember, they let Kesha or someone use someone's sound. I spoken about this months ago. Anyone wanna enlighten me?
  6. Tik Tok.

    That was the Jung Sisters (Jessica and Krystal)