Johnson vs Louis vs Jo Lam

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  1. mr_evolution

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    So your thoughts on them?

    Johnson - One of the best mimic artist Ive ever witnessed, he can even mimic their voice which is simply amazing.

    Louis - Great actor/support actor, bring humour to the audience.

    Jo Lam - He is talented but I think he's been on TOO much, everywhere you look you will see him. Although his roles in movies are brilliant (L is for Love, Connected etc.)
  2. KaY_xD

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    they have different characteristics, talents, different uses. Johnson's more like a "lung mien siu jeung," Louis is family-welcoming and "toh hei." They got their fame late compared to Cho lam, missing a little luck. W/o winning Best supporting actor in 07, others still overlook Louis. Because of his height, others said Cho Lam's the next Eric Tseng. In just 3 yrs, Cho Lam succeed, hope it lasts.

    overall, nice trio ^^
  3. [N]

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    yea the mimic guy did adam cheng this week and he was pretty damn awesome lol. but damn the sat and the city thing with the condom/ erection joke was pushing it the audience were really embarassed to even laugh or were not old enough to get it. also the gagfather segments require to have good canto to get cause even i don't get most of them, also when i get them its just too dry. this week was just one of the worst episode, they need to get cooler celeb impersonators come to show, myolie owned last week imo but the leon lai guy can sing but i don't see leon lai, it was boring.
  4. silentjess

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    am caught inbetween Johnson & Wong Cho Lam. but i pick Johnson. he was in that Joey Yung 2003 drama 'Not Just a Pretty Face' and acted as a spirit and had the body of a dog, that time i really like him!
  5. excelintel

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    Haha really agree with [N] that adam cheng thing really laugh me off the chair. THe sat and the city thing keep on touching about the sensitive area - SEX. haha....i bet those audiences would be embarrased but as more eps pass by, it's nothing funnier...The gagfather is getting funny at first but lamer now...

    Have to say the voting part is give face kind of thing....all auntie, uncle...tjhey are not strict bout how real is it....but just for enjoyment...
  6. EvilTofu

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    They are all good and they work well together overall, but that Johnson guy is great at mimicking a lot of other celebs and singing as well.
  7. zack55555

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    He's been in this biz (TVB) way longer than that. He used to host Kids programs and was doing behind the scene work like dubbing, teaching newcomers to act (including fala chen, leanne li, sharon chan). Also played many Ke Le Feh characters before he made his first appearance on the super trio show which given him lots of opportunities to show off his talents.
  8. mr_evolution

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    He rose to stardom for his role in Best Selling Secrets as Lau Wah.
  9. chinaman09

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    they are bunch of talented guys
  10. kawaiicute

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    I love jo lam the most, i love johnson's voice, he sings unbeleiveable good