Kids in the City replaces Sat in the City

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    Hey people! i just saw Episode 8 and it seems like it was replaced due to maybe no more ideas for the show rather than pple complain.

    See, the new show is called Kids in the City
    Handleababy --> Little Baby (look like japanese cartoon maruko-chan)
    Hungry --> Hungry Potter (boy)
    Ex --> 小Ex (boy)

    the content is abit suggestive still,
    like this episode the kids talk about 'how were they born' (came from rock, roast bun shop & Bid chu lei.)
    then they ask 'why boys stand when they pee?'
    they still got the 1,2,3 spit! but now is '1,2,3 yeah!'

    Got this new segment, they act as old men!! lol!!