“Kill Everyone In China” Controversy

Discussion in 'Chinese Chat' started by negiqboyz, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. ralphrepo

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    What I find amazing about this is, that on any given day, Chinese media is replete with many anti-foreign statements and sentiment. Of course, most Americans aren't privy to what they say in China. But the average Chinese (like most Asians) are terrible when it comes to racism.
  2. Fair point. I just have a tough time respecting hipocriticism. See Ralph's post.
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    The fool is the person who takes to heart random rant from a madman (in this case a kid barely been wean of baby milk) or a few nutters.
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    Well, for those that want an ax to grind, the latest thing is the Dutch version of Got Talent; even his fellow judges were taken aback by the casual and tone deaf racism of one of their members.
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    The problem is not with what the kid had said since he's still a child, it's the fact that they decided to air it. I haven't watched the video, but i doubt that segment was live. Killing everyone in China is not comedic in any way, even if it comes out of a child's mouth. This sort of subtle racism has been rampant since the rise of China. In the end, they chose hatred over fear.