Lost Something??

Discussion in 'The Rant Section' started by brown_bear, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. tricky7_

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    I think it happens to everybody. Two great examples:

    - an former friends of mine once accidently dropped her key (just one, the rest of 'em was in her locker) when she was in the washroom. She couldn't find the key, but half an hour later she had to tie her shoe and she saw something blank (the key). It turns out that the key had landed in her up-folded jeans. XD

    - Last year, after PE I couldn't find my keys. I hade a memory of that I put it in some pocket (my jeans) earlier, but I couldn't find 'em, but when I got home I found them... at the backpocket of my jeans. They where there all the time, I just didn't feel them. XD:p

    I'm sure everybody atleast once have said smething like "Where's my pen?" when your holding the item in your hand.
  2. bbes

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    losing stuff happens to everybody but being prepared by doing everything slightly earlier usually prevents stress and aggravation.
  3. brown_bear

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    yesh i know.....-doh...

    i actually had one of them whistle thingies my fam bought it for me
    but it got SOOO annoying....i "accidentally" threw it away...puhahaha

    the "stop" looking line is like one of them hella annoying phrases again....-angry
  4. Flames

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    Wow since everyone is putting there story in, I'll put mine in, 2 years ago, when I was playing soccer with my friends during a lunch break, I was wearing one of those watches where you can take the buckle of the watch and change straps, so most of the time, I got lazy and takes the watch off by the buckle and put it in my pocket, leaving the strap still attach to my arm. So after the match, I put on the watch, but didn't buckle it properly, so I dropped my watch in the soccer field (which is near a couple of classrooms) and when I got to class and stayed there for like 20 min, I realise I dropped my watch outside, so I quickly ran to the field and look for it, luckily I found it and no one has picked it up ^^
  5. smallrinilady

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    no way

    the times that i can't find things the most is after i have cleaned

    when ever thing is put away and not on the floor or the table or bed where in plain view, i can't find it anymore
  6. BigC

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    I think the worst thing is, is when you lock yourself out of the car.-cry2
    It's like you look everywhere for it and when you find it you look threw the window and it's in the ignition.-dead

    But for general stuff, the best thing to do is to not look for it, and then you will find it.
  7. reno

    reno Well-Known Member

    locking urself outta car's not that bad

    i got home and left house keys in the car
    then i parked the car in the garage, and i closed the garage doors
    so i walk out with my car keys
    but now the garage is locked (those electronic ones)
    and i can't get into the garage... and the house keys are in the car...

    so i'm stuck outside my house with my house keys in the car in the garage
    and had to wait until parents come home so i can get in >.<
  8. wind2000

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    Yea, that happens to me too. Worse is that when i look for it, then i remember throwing it out at times. -lol
  9. awww... poor BB... did u look under ur bed?? just kidding -hug

    lucky for me i dont normally lose/miss place important stuff like my keys or wallet... when i lose my wallet it's usually stolen *knock on the wood* but i do notice every time i get new earings one of them disappears after a while... hmmm...
  10. just don't lose all those rings on your finger.. -lol
  11. hahaha... i won't!!! i'll never take them off :p
  12. lee-lee

    lee-lee Well-Known Member

    so have u found what u were looking for bb?
    i hate that feeling too. it's just the worse. it's especially frustrating when its something u hardly ever need or use and it's ALWAYS in the exact same place for as long as u can remember, and when u need it, it seemed to have grown legs and run away.
  13. blame it all on band organizational skills..
  14. boii

    boii Well-Known Member

    Oh BB, it seems you don't have a very good memory so cute. Maybe you should keep a note pad and write down important things so you can keep tabs on your things and then hopefully when you have lost something you can just read your note pad!

    I hope you find your phone soon, I've experienced not having a phone for a few hours and it is so bad.
  15. MissCheekS

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    or maybe she should ask u to look for it...im sure u doint mind being her personal slave?
  16. reno

    reno Well-Known Member

    but dawn....
    if ur wearing them all the time
    u can't have multiple suga daddies!!

    cos u gotta b wearing very little, and the suga daddy covers u up with all ur jewels :p
  17. bbes

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    always so blunt and straight to the point.
  18. smallrinilady

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    I dont agree, i rather be lock out of my house than be locked out of the car
    becauase at least when your at home you can depend on your neighbours,
    but most of the time you are locked out of your car you are in public, and you might have locked your wallet/cell phone in the car as well.
    and you have to wait around to for someone to come help you

    oh that must be really aggravating