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    You sure wanna read'em? :shifty:

    Spoilers that are already on its official site (starting from the eps next week 11/2 - ?)

    - General Man (introduced in Episode 10) was Susanna Kwan's boyfriend long time ago.

    - Susanna is assigned to take care of General Man's wife.

    - General Ma (the guy who killed the emperor) wants to be more powerful, so he forces Moses (the new emperor) to make his daughter (Selena Li) as concubine (賢妃 Yin Fei).

    - Moses treats Selena coldly and he always have to listen to General Ma. Tavia comforts him on purpose and later she even saved Moses' mother, the Empress Dowager (郭太后). Tavia becomes Moses' concubine (麗妃 Lai Fei)

    - Charmine gradually pulls herself away from Tavia when she knows the evil things Tavia's been doing.

    - Tavia is super jealous of how Charmine is caring Selena more and more. Friendship broke.

    - The head of furnishings, Wu Sze Chit (played by Rosanne Lui) commits suicide when she failed to frame Susanna Kwan.

    - The head of palace proceedings, Choi Sheung Gong replaces Susanna as the head of furnishings, so now she's the head of two departments.

    - Choi Sheung Gong wants Charmine to say good things to the Empress Dowager so the Empress will let her to leave palace.

    - The head of food/beverages, Tam Sze Shin (played by Kara Hui) is mad that Choi Sheung Gong didn't do what she promised (named her the new head of proceedings). So she revealed the truth of what happened a long time ago, the misunderstanding between Susanna & Michelle Yim.

    - Though the two become friends again, but they will become enemies once again soon.

    - Selena Li is pregnant. General Ma plans to kill Moses on the day of the delivery.

    - The Empress Dowager happened to know the plan and she decided to sacrifice her own grandchild to save Moses.

    - Tavia killed Selena.

    - Moses wants to eliminate General Ma. General Ma knows the plan and caused Kevin Cheng to fall off the cliff.

    - Charmine is pregnant. In order to save her, Moses named Charmine his concubine (德妃 Det Fei).

    - Tavia now works with the evil General Ma.

    - Tavia frames Charmine betraying the country, sends her to jail.

    Spoilers of some of the characters' ending
    - Tavia is pregnant but is miscarried.

    - In the end, Moses knows all the evil things & planning Tavia have done and he sends her to 'lan gong', a place where unwanted wives of the Emperor will spend their rest of lives in.

    - Because she always guess who is trying to harm her, etc, Tavia becomes insane.

    - Moses lets Charmine leave the palace with her daughter to meet up with Kevin Cheng.

    - Susanna Kwan had a son with General Man. She is allowed to leave the palace to find her son.

    - Michelle Yim regrets misunderstanding Susanna over these years. Although she becomes the new Sheung Gong, because Bo Gong Gong is killed by Tavia, she has to be alone till the end.
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    WOW! thanks! even though this might be the ending i think i will still keep watching this drama.... =)
  3. onni

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    eventhough i have read the spolers, but this doesn't deter from continuing watching this series. i've started this series and is only up to episode 6, i can say that this is a very good series from the beginning.
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    Yea.... I would like to see what sort of progress which will lead to this events.....
  5. KaY_xD

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    yea pretty much we knw wat kinda of ending it will have already, even w/o the spoilers, villains never have happy endings, the character development & progressions are what im watching
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    based on the spoiler reading above, i don't find tavia's character that evil anymore .. not vicious enough .. i think .. i guess we shall see how she played them out on screen .. lol
  7. tamagodaisuki

    thks for the spoilers.....the ending sounds better than the ending to War & Beauty.
    also, now i know why Charmine became Moses concubine.
  8. negiqboyz

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    ^ war and beauty ending was good .. life is supposed to be like that .. nothing ends happily ever after like in fairy tales.
  9. tamagodaisuki


    but in 宮心計 at least one couple will end up together
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    damnn....tavia is really going to be killing a lot of people >.<" the ending for most of the characters are sad =[ only charmaine and kevin have a happy ending
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    The ending for Charmaine is more like Jewel In The Palace......
  12. KaY_xD

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    ^well...her name is 三好,好人有好報
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    bet it changes like it did with gem of life and heart of greed 2
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    i hope they will not do an alternate ending after the leaking of the ending of this series.
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    Great show
  16. bb_lui_julia

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    thanks for the spoilers