Love Lifting - 高舉‧愛 [2012]

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    Li, is a weightlifter who quits the industry as she is suffering from diabetes. She decides to go to Hong Kong to start a new life where she meets Yun and they soon fall in love. They then get married live a simple but happy family life. But as the Olympic Games approach, Li recalls her dream of being an Olympic champion, to which Yun supports, and convinces her to take up weightlifting again. Li starts intensively training, only to find out one day that Yun is seriously injured in a traffic accident. Before he dies, Yun tells Yi his last wish. Now, Yi is devoted to make Yun's wish come true.

    Elanne Kwong
    Chapman To
    Tanny Tien
    Izz Xu
    Joe Cheung
    Terence Siufay

    Directed by: Herman Yau
    Genre: Romance / Drama


  2. looks really boring
  3. EvilTofu

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    It should be interesting but I don't think it's the type of movie that I'll watch.
  4. SUSIE-DANG-1988


    didn't chapman loose weight for this film?? should give credits for that!
  5. xaznxryux

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    isnt this the movie where Elanna tried to do a power clean and injured herself?
  6. kevin

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    same here, I think so too. Chapman and Elanne are one of my fav cast but this movie look like a let down.

    Don't look that interesting for me, I would only watch this if I have nothing better to do.



    Elanne look like she gained weight from those weight lifting and damn why the short hair =o
  7. her face is much rounder ..she was on battle of the senses this week.. she said she gained 20 pounds for this role.
  8. don't think this role fits chapman he more suited for comedies was a bit depressing watching him in this.
  9. [N]

    [N] RATED [ ]

    chapman has already done dramas like isabella thats what got him up there in the first place but damn trailer/sypnosis spoiled the movie ish :facepalm:
  10. You are right, but I like him in comedies more esp. when he is the lead actor. this movie just sucks. lol