Major plot holes

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    Okay. I have watched till episode 7 as of now, obviously delayed. But seriously, this makes no sense. Raymond claims that Bobby led to the death of his parents and his sister in coma for 10 years. If he was a devil, he should know everything that Bobby wasn't behind the fact of not continuing to test the cancer drugs for his dad. It's the evil medicine corporations and the boss dude only caring about profit and not people's lives. If he was a devil, he should know better and not stubbornly and blindly seeking vengeance. Also, why the hell would the devil give him powers in the first place when he died trying to crash into bobby? The devil should know that it was not Bobby's fault for his parents' death and he is an honorable doctor, who had saved many lives. Retarded plot. TVB, please don't insult your viewers. I can be a better director than all of you retards.