Michael Miu/ Michael Tse (SPOILERS!!!)

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  1. Andro

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    Sammul's dad died in The Academy, Michael Miu in this series is just a gangster boss who looks exactly the same as Sammul's dad but they are not related at all
  2. ansonyyp

    ansonyyp Active Member

    its confirmed that micheal tse is an undercover police..episode 17 shows it obviously..things are starting to get interesting
  3. hsugi

    hsugi Active Member

    omg .. i really love michael tse in this serie....as a undercover , he's really good , i didnt even think about that lol.... so COOL
  4. Natsu

    Natsu Well-Known Member

    yeah yeah Michael Tse as undercover, makes it all very interesting ^^ cant wait for ep.18
  5. bbes

    bbes Incredible

    yea so weird, didn't expect that one coming. why would they need another undercover cop when they already have one in there.
  6. RockkxD

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    I am going to have to agree with almost everybody because E.U. is so good.

    And to bbes, maybe because if Michael Tse was an undercover, like Wu sir said, there's one in there for about almost 10 years. Within 10 years, it didn't seem like anything happened. I guess another guy like Ron can probably help out.
  7. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    i already know Tse is an undercover when Wu Sir said even someone has been so close with Dok Yik Tin for 9 years couldn't get enough of info. My mind told me that's it, it's gotta be him. TVB likes to do those things.
  8. winnz

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    but then the undercover who is there for 9 yrs.. wasn't that "laughing"?
  9. -Tisken-

    -Tisken- Well-Known Member

    michael miu is pretty smart ~
    at t he beginning he said that he just want to be together with his daughter~
    now is gettin more evil

    yepp laughing was the undercover ~