Mo Liu....(Stupid?) IQ Questions Said in the show

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    hi guyssss i just wanna ask you which your favourite Mo Liu (I hope its the right romanized pingyin) IQ question said in the show.

    For example.
    My one is....

    Question :Lor Bark yum jo jor bin sing muc yea le? (ROFL my romanized pinyin is really bad lol someone correct me so i can edit it xD)

    Answer: (Hong Lor Bark)

    Q.When a Lor Bark is drunk what does it become?

    A. A Red Lor Bark (Forgot what lor bark is in english =.=)
  2. Phil

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    lol lor bak is carrot?
    lol my fav would be
    Question : What Else Other Than Ice, do u need to add for a Milk Tea to be Ice Milk Tea?
    Answer : $2 lol
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    haha yes but not the red one yea.. its the white one! and also can u type yours in romanized pingyin so i can say it =] wait i rememba but not sure if i saying it right so yea guys ! write it in romanized pingyin and english if you want :)
  4. bobbylee

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    i don't have a favourite but this one was alright, i think it was from the first or second ep.

    Question: Deem guy horc surng jing hay zong yi souw seen sarng?/Wei shen me xue sheng zhi xi huan shou de lao shi ne?/为什么学生只喜欢瘦的老师呢?/ Why do students only like skinny teachers?

    Answer: yum wei horc surng pa fei low/yin wei xue sheng pa fei (lo- is there pinyin for that? i don't know if the joke works in mando) /因为学生怕(肥 low)/ because students are scared of (fei low- meaning fat people/failing)
  5. Phil

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    lol, a really Epic One
    what is one white rabbit plus one white rabbit,
    Xiao Bai Tu
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    i love the thai and vietnamese translation ones lol