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    Chinese author Yang Yang, shows one of the smallest shoes worn by women with traditionally bound feet, in Liuyi village in China's southern Yunnan Province, February 2007. Villages in China where women with bound feet survive are increasingly rare but the millennium-old practice nevertheless took almost four decades to eradicate after it was initially banned in 1911.

    Mar 17, 2007

    Via: Yahoo News
  2. Knoctur_nal

    Knoctur_nal |Force 10 from Navarone|

    remember reading bout this back in the day..interesting and sad at the same time...tradition...hmph...
  3. yea damn.. poor ol ladies... but I'm surprised the last pic she was smiling.. o_O;

    ooh the 3rd pic is too graphic.. >_< I scrolled down fast to avoid lookin at it.. -lol
  4. Ham_Sup

    Ham_Sup Active Member

    Didn't the past Chinese believe that girls with the smallest feet were the most beautiful? -rolleyes
  5. Knoctur_nal

    Knoctur_nal |Force 10 from Navarone|

    and ancient greeks the fattest chicks the same..u think...
  6. I thought greeks was more into lil boys?? but thas a whole nudda thread...
  7. Urrrgh....Why do they so that? >.<"
  8. JYJLrock

    JYJLrock Well-Known Member

    >< it hurts every time i see the pics, let alone having lily feet!!!
    I'm glad it was abolished forever!!!!!!!!!!!
    not attractive at all!
  9. hiake

    hiake Vardøgr of da E.Twin

    It's a matter of status symbol. Only the people who are rich can let their do-nothing daughter bind their feet. The peasant girls who need to work never bind their feet, and thus never be able to climb the social ladder.

    Same goes for having extremely long finger nails, having fair skin and having a full-body -- all of which indicate resourcefulness and rich. And family, be it the family of the girl or the family she married into, maintain such tradition to show that they CAN afford to keep someone who is not productive --> again points to resourcefulness.

    On another note, it was also believed that the shape of the bound feet, when the bandage is off, resemble the female sex organ (with all the folds and such) --> innuendo?
  10. Knoctur_nal

    Knoctur_nal |Force 10 from Navarone|

    ignorance always present in cultures
  11. brown_bear

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    ew thats so bad -sick2 it looks so painful
  12. Knoctur_nal

    Knoctur_nal |Force 10 from Navarone|

    i imagine it would be at the beginning.
  13. AC0110

    AC0110 Let the Fun Begin

    I guess they were into foot fetish with tiny feet back in the days...
  14. dim8sum

    dim8sum ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪....

    ^ haha -lol

    god that pic of the womens feet is nasty!
  15. itzd0pey

    itzd0pey Well-Known Member

    oh didn't know it was posted lol whoops :eek:
  16. i posted the censored version... itzo flat out posted the graphics images... -sick2
  17. weezelskeezel

    weezelskeezel Well-Known Member

    holy shits it took me a minute to realize that it was her toes on the bottom of her feet and not her other hand in the 3rd pic. that is way extreme, i'm glad we dont have that custom anymore
  18. lol wha... you thought it was her hands!?! it's kinda crazy how the whole binding thing makes her feet look like wings... o_O'
  19. Taxloss

    Taxloss Stripper Vicar

    Nothing new there about the Chinese footbinding? Was shown on telly years ago and some months ago at National Geographic Channel again? Oh well, what can I add...erm, I would never fit the beauty standards by the ancient chinese if they prefer really tiny tiny feet...
  20. nyckeion

    nyckeion ....Boo....

    well well she is smiling mainly cause its been like 50 years so she is used to it but then just because the emperor liked small feet dont mean it has to be that small..