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  1. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    Thus far, this drama seems like a normal family series. A little bit sadness, humor, action (?), romantic .. not the best and memorable drama but it's decent; watchable.

    Like all family series, I bet this will probably ends well too so the ending is set. I guess, it's not the ending that's important .. it's the process and development that matters .. lol I am enjoying it so far. Can't say that I recommend it yet .. God knows if TVB will pull some pathetic ending later or in the last few chapters. Anyway, I am surprised by the low ratings. I must say though, Flora isn't as "good" like she used to be ... not very "into" her role per se; her talking is not natural; almost like she's reciting her lines sometimes.

    What do ya'll think?
  2. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    it's so BORING! pretty dry tbh, and in episode one it feels like a crime plot, but then it turns out to be a family series gradually

    flora definitely aged, even looks older than joe ma~the pairing doesnt work, and sharon chan doesnt suit joe ma as a girlfriend, more like family, cousin kind of thing.

    i like lo chung him & mandy wong there ^^ mandy always play the quite introvert girl, need a change in her next series
  3. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    ^ well, between this drama, fly with me and ol queen .. this series is quite "normal" on scale. nothing is really blown out of proportion. yeah ... the only pairing that looks fine is him law and mandy wong. joe ma and flora chan are old; not to mention their old sparks are gone (triumph in the sky). sharon chan .. well .. not as good as i had hope .. she was so "fake" .. not sure if it's the script or her acting .. just doesn't seem realistic. she's not a match for joe ma either.
  4. EvilTofu

    EvilTofu 吃|✿|0(。◕‿◕。)0|✿|吃

    Before we know it, it's up to ep14 and we wasted so much time on it already going wtf...
  5. arizona

    arizona Well-Known Member

    I personally think this is one of those average series... where you don't feel the need to see the next episode ASAP... it's just not that great.
  6. knickerrr

    knickerrr New Member

    How would you rate it?
  7. silentjess

    silentjess Well-Known Member

    i rate it lower than Cupid Stupid. 3/5

    its very draggy and moves like a 100 episode drama.
  8. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    lol .. it's okay .. 100% better than fly w/ me .. lol
  9. excelintel

    excelintel Active Member

    Haha i feel between this one and fly with me......dun really know how to choose which one is better or worse.....yup the most attractive part in the series is him law and mandy wong. Quite a nice pair to watch...
  10. Eriic

    Eriic Member

    personally the plot is not that great the only think keeping its audience hooked is the ending who ends up with zhong ming otherwise i probably would have given up watching it already :p
  11. bestknightmare

    bestknightmare Active Member

    I agree that this show is dragging on and on and on and on. The plot doesn't develop fast enough and the plot lines are so weak. I'm just watching it to have some sound at the background. It's one of those shows where it doesn't really matter if you missed what the characters said for a line or two because they will eventually REPEAT it again.
    I feel like Flora and Joe Ma definitely had much more sparks in that old tvb show about airplane. It's probably because the role that Flora is playing now doesn't really suit her that well, that's why she has trouble playing out the role some times.
  12. sweetbery

    sweetbery Well-Known Member

    I agree this series is a bit draggy and nothing much happening. I only liked this series because of Mandy and Him. Its my first time watching Mandy, i really like her playing the shy personality.. its sooo cute.