Official YouTube Thread!!!

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  1. Taxloss

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    ^Cool but I have to admit I haven't watched the whole clip, just the first and last minute...:)
  2. hAHhaha... talk about out of it... I didn't realize it was actually counting down till it hit 80 something...

    so far only recognize... Star Wars, Titanic, and Back to the Future... -lol
  3. Taxloss

    Taxloss Stripper Vicar

    ^LOL Ecko is s.l.o.w. !!!! -lol
  4. hahah damn I saw it thru the end!!!

    lol boogie nights was in there...
  5. lol these where the related section

    Jim Carrey.. hilarious...

  6. Taxloss

    Taxloss Stripper Vicar

    Never seen these vids with Carey, but he's funny again ofcourse! -lol

    Hmm, anyone noticed the resemblance of Jack Nicholson with Leonardo di Caprio? (or vice versa) -what?
  7. lol not really... altho i do think that dicaprio get old really fast...

    seemd like one minute he was young kid in Titanic and then what aviator or something??
  8. Taxloss

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    ^Dunno, I've never been a fan of diCaprio...

    Maybe it's the grin and their cat eyes, but di Caprio really looks like a younger version of Nicholson. -what?


  9. don

    don ello

    omg friggin hilarious
  10. lol is that supposed to be dann??

    seriously... his viet impression was pretty bad... sounded more middle eastern to me... although he had some parts where he got the accent down... had he did a better voice and those two guys weren't there... the vid woulda been hilarious...
  11. don

    don ello

  12. PhY pHy

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    LOL^^ that suposed to be dann? lol...
    here is a funny clip of a show...its called
    Happy sunday was aired like 3 years
    ago...but its really funny...near the end...

  13. Taxloss

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    -lol! Just seen about 5 of his other vids and went checking his official site, man he's funny and hot! -blush2
  14. don

    don ello

    omfg -lol
  15. hahahha wtf... is that like a CS Nintendo Wii Homebrew game?? -lol
  16. don

    don ello

    that guy's like hitting the airplane -lol
  17. Taxloss

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    -lol omg, how can they record it without laughing out loud?
  18. I knew there was gonna be games like those...
  19. Taxloss

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    Ah now, THAT one is a cool avy Eck!--worship
  20. from now on... call me the seizure bringer... -cool2