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Discussion in 'Vietnamese Chat' started by dauphu, May 31, 2006.

  1. dauphu

    dauphu Member

    we do have a viet, a jap, a kor, and a chin. forum here.
    1. why can't we talk together? why u segregate although this is a website from america, THE meltin pot, i thought?
    2. and when u segregate, what about other ethnicities, like thai, laos, phillipines etc... u can also put them into one, too..

    don't care bout my grammar, i'm not from u.s.
  2. suijei

    suijei Well-Known Member

    honestly, I'd like to know what you're counting down to.
    Why shouldn't we seperate it? Nowadays we're so mixed we forget what we're mixed with. Screw equality, what about individualism..? Yes, I am totally against marxism.
  3. kianu

    kianu Well-Known Member

    i don't know...maybe for many reason the do that, but everyone is diffrent you can force or tell people to put all in one.
  4. HK! Fish

    HK! Fish Well-Known Member

    1. cuz this forum is basically about chinese, japanese, vietnamese, and korean type of asians. entertainment and all things.

    2. why don't you go to a different forum that has all the races of asian, and join the other site.

    3. if you have a problem with chin, jap, or kor entertainment and want thai, lao, or those southwest asian things, then get the hell out of this forum and stop your complaining. just go to a forum that include all your needs.

    4. we have it all segregated cuz so ppl won't have to be confused and all messed-up about which threads to look at. and if you have it all in one chunk, it will be out of place and messy.

    5. if you don't like it here, just leave.

    6. this is the admins forum, so they could do whatever they want to and desires, but if you don't like it tell the admin and stop spamming in threads.

    simple and easy, if you understand the concept.
  5. wu_li_zhong

    wu_li_zhong Member

    He he he! How about Turkey?! They also in the Asia?!!!!!
  6. hkm91450

    hkm91450 Well-Known Member

    I agree, although this site is called PopularAsians, the majority of members here are Chinese (and Jap/Kor/Viet).
  7. kdotc

    kdotc 안녕하세요빅뱅K-Dragon입니다

    if u dont like it then find another forum
  8. dim8sum

    dim8sum ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪....

    ^ lol straight to the point

    Its just because the four ethnicities are prob major ones to the people using the forum and what the forum is set up for.
    I personally think its best to keep it seperate becaus each individual culture has its differences and if we mix them up it would get too confusing.
    By having different sections its not about segregation at all, different people from different ethnicities comment in each section, so its all good.
    If it said only chinese can comment in chinese section then there would be in problem. And in short what kdotc said :)
  9. leefooleong

    leefooleong Well-Known Member

    How about this...........Fruit forum but then we still need to know what kind of fruit. Right? Banana, rambutans or apple? So what's wrong being a bit specific? Anyway, what race are you? Where are you from? Just trying to be friendly.
  10. kdotc

    kdotc 안녕하세요빅뱅K-Dragon입니다

    ^ just trying ot be friendly? hahha
  11. don

    don ello

    i don't think i would be too interested in the other ethnics not that I don't like them....it's just hard to talk about a culture you not that close to
  12. tdmt

    tdmt Well-Known Member

    different cultures have different interests
  13. tdmt

    tdmt Well-Known Member

    it's easier and we have much more to talk about if we have same culture
  14. mtree

    mtree Well-Known Member

    thats actuali true wers the taiwan forum thing?-huh
  15. wang_bao

    wang_bao Well-Known Member

    I think the put Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea on the list because these have the most people in North America. Other Asian nationalities are a minority in e.g. USA.