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Discussion in 'School Work Help' started by MissCheekS, May 12, 2008.

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    awesome!!!! i haven't read a lot of his books!! ive read this book and a lil bit of that After Dark one... but haven't touched it for a while (heavy work load ><).. i really wanna get the norwegian wood book!! ive heard that it's rly rly rly good hehee....

    i love May Kasahara in The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. she's a cool character lolz
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    ^ really need to read 'norweign woods' if you loved his other books
    coz thas the 1st book i read written by him and i lubbbed it..!!...def recommended...
    And its not as complicated as 'wind-up bird chronicle'....(y)...

    The 'after dark' book was pretty good...nice short story...about a jazz bar right.?!.
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    Murakami is awesome,
    I've read:
    Dance,Dance Dance
    Blind willow, sleeping woman-collection of short stories
    after dark
    The wild sheep chase
    Norwegian wood

    I loved The Time Traveller's wife by Audrey Niffneger, it was certainly a very intriguing plotline.

    I can't say I like the twilight series very much, it seems too fanfic-cy to me, It was enjoyable, but i can't stand anyone hailing it as GREAT literature, not compared to the likes of Harper Lee, Austen, Wilde.

    I recently read a really good book called Chocolat, by Joanne Harris [Now i need to get the film ver. of it- it has JOHNNY DEPP in <3]
  4. MissCheekS

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    ok im here again >_<

    I've just finished reading a book which i received as a gift....
    My friend read it n got me a copy of it coz she enjoyed it so much.... im thankful she shared this very beautiful n touching book with me : )

    Title: The Kite runner
    Author: Khaled Hosseini

    Rating: 9/10

    Short summary
    :Basically its a story told from Amir's point of view (first person).

    Ali, A Pashtun (wealthy tribe) boy who grows up in Kabul, Afghanistan. Amir is a son of a very wealthy business man. His mother died as she was giving birth to Amir and that's the reason why Amir always has the feeling that his father blamed him for it. In the story you can read how Amir constantly seeks for his father's acknowledgement and consent.

    Amir and his father which he refers to as Baba lived in a huge house with 2 servants: Ali who has served Baba since they were both children and his son Hassan both of them were Hazara's (considered as "low" tribe).

    Hassan has a harelip which is why his own mother fled when he was born.
    As both of the boys grow up together one as a rich kid and the other as his servant they become best friends, or better said brothers because they both were nursed by the same woman.

    The story continues about how Amir and Hassan are growing up together.
    Amir always had all the privileges and luxury while Hassan was being looked down at and made fun of.

    As mistakes are made and feelings of guilt drive them apart the two boys go their separate way.

    One night when the Russian's invade Afghanistan Baba and Amir have to flee to America and leave their lives behind.

    They have to start over again and as years pass by Amir still cant forget Hassan. Nor can he forgive himself for the mistake in his childhood.
    Until one night an old friend of Baba called and tells Amir there is a way to make everything right again.

    My Opninion: Wow, I gotta tell u guys how surprised I am.
    I heard this book was good but I expected it to be overrated.
    I've read more biographies and chicklits lately and havent read any dramatic books for a while.

    The book is like a huge puzzle and it really makes sense. It explains each character's behavior.

    It gives u an insight of the Afghanistan we hear so much about. We hear so many bad things about the country on the news but this seems like the real "inside" story.

    Actually, the whole book is about honor, brotherhood, friendship and loyalty
    how loyal Hassan is and his unconditional love for Amir and Amir, who later doubts if he is worthy Hassan's loyalty and love.
    The sort of loyalty of which i am not sure of it really exists.

    Anyway, it is definately worth will definately touch u and u will definately feel sympathy for most of the characters in this book.
  5. wind2000

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    ^ They made a movie out of the book too. You might want to check it out. :)
  6. MissCheekS

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    ^yea, i know.... i want to.... i promised one of my friends id wait for her until she finishes the book first....
    I doubt its as good as the book tho.... the book was pretty damned good
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    Oh, I read Kite Runner during my 10th grade English Honor class.
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    Lord of the Flies by William Golding, never forget this one
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    Oh nice reminder , I wanted to read this for a while now , just keep forgetting to look for it every time I go to the library.
  10. MissCheekS

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    So, I bought this book after seeing the movie "He's just not that into you"
    Read that book like 2 or 3 years ago... I remembered how funny that book was after i went to c the i decided to give this one a go too....


    Author: Greg Behrendt & Amiira Ruotola

    Rating: 7/10

    Short summary
    : This book is quite similar to "He's just not that into you" except this one focuses on (as the title says) the break up... how to survive afterwards n what to do etc.... sorta like a survival guide....
    Each chapter there are made up ppl that write letters to Greg n Amirra n they both give their point of view on it....
    It's not like the usual self-help book for women... its actually really funny....
    It has funny recipes, workbook and funny exercises in it n etc....
    The book consists of two parts: "The Break up" which is abt accepting reality n not to have second thoughts etc.... the second part is abt "The Breakover"... It has commandments n tells u what not to do n why.....

    The authors talk abt their own experiences and help the readers by giving them a truthful answer.....

    My Opninion: Tbh, I expected a lot more of this book... but I probably expected a bit too much....It's probably cuz I already knew this concept.... It was a bit too similar to "Hes just not that into you" but It's quite funny and enjoyable to read....
    The book is actually for males n females but imo it's more of a chick book.... I think a guy would WTF reading this haha....
    It's okay as long as u dont expect a heavy read.... it was more of a fun n bs sorta thing to me...
  11. KaY_xD

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    Kay's Long Favorite Books List

    ALL TIME LOVE - Joy Luck Club. 1st AMY TAN, i cried in some parts....i understand their pain~i've seen enough of those
    Then i quickly read the next one......
    then the next one........very quickly........the sex part in this one is quite funny to me................poor woman
    then the final one!! more of a legend type
    this one.............fuck this biography is SOOO good & touching!! poor little girl....i finished this book in one day, see how addicted it is
    MY ALL TIME FAV.........poor girl!! she got AIDS.....i really pity her.
    it HAS to be my a woman has become strong through hardships. Immigration hardships......i've experienced them too ><

    THE EARLY FAV OF influenced me a lot back in 5th grade when i read it in Chinese.........then English in 8th grade
    the stories......i read it in 9th grade, i didn't really understand that much cuz' of my English.......then i re-read it last yr and WOW..........

    Read it last yr for summer was confusing at first cuz' it always switch back and forth. But i like the style. The theme is what attracts me the most

    I must say.......I'm an Amy Tan fan :) I tend to read alot about Chinese immigrants stories -__________-
  12. MissCheekS

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    ^ I have a copy of the Anne frank's diary too... its incredible....
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    I guess I'll share some of my favourites here too...-smart
    Romance of Three Kingdoms - San Guo Yan Yi [my all time fav.]
    Outlaws of the Marsh or Water Margin (108 Heroes of Liangshan)
    Journey to the West [SUN WUKONGGGGGGG! headbang2]
    The Art of Warfare
    The Mosquito Coast
    ^ i had to read that for school...but it was pretty good :biggthumpup:
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    read it last year,it was soooooo touching

    the last book i read was a romantic novel...hahaha
  15. KaY_xD

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    u're missing the other one -- 紅樓夢 :D but i guess guys wouldn't like to read that......i read all of them, and i like 西游記&水滸傳:smile:, 三國is so-so to me. 紅樓夢is like those dramatic family love drama LOL.
  16. yiubun

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    I read chinese cinderella as a novel for year 7.
    it was sooooo good that i read through it 3 times.
    probably the only book i did from my own time.
    i dont read books.
  17. KaY_xD

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    Lemme revive this dead book thread XD

    Haven't read a book in a year and I finished reading one lately, its called Yogish X no Kenshin. It's like a detective novel, a mother had to kill her ex in order to protect her daughter getting beat up. Her introverted math genius neighbor, who is also her secret admirer, helped them hide this incident from the police, telling them what to do, what to say, etc. And he did something that really, not an ordinary would do (not gonna spoil that). It was quite shocking and its theme seems to be: How much are you willing to sacrifice? Sacrifice for someone you love but won't love you back. He doesn't expect anything back but wish them safe and happy. His reason seems stupid and no one can prolly understand, but it's very personal to him and it's touching to read. The last scene is quite teary.

    I don't see this book in english right now, otherwise it would be a pretty nice one for everyone to read. It's made into a movie but tbh, if you watched the movie you'll figure out the answer real soon.

    i like his use of words, learn some new words from it, i got hooked and finished it in 3hrs
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    ^ awwww kayy....your chin must be ubbbbbber goood....i wish i can read and understand chin lit =/

    reading an old classic book....jane eyre....lots of poeple say its good so giving it a shot...^^
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    b00kz suxorz itz 4 looz0rs liek bbsssss...
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    ^ only coz kung kung cant read...!!!!!...wheres them read aloud cassettes....=P