People who generalize genres of music

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    I'm sure everyone has experienced this at one point. People saying things like "Rap is idiotic, thoughtless and the worst genre of music genre of all time." Or "This song is so gay, everyone who listens to is gay" or "kpop sucks, it is all the same" or "pop is terrible, it's all just Justin Bieber" and many more.

    Notice the keyword "is". It's funny how people generalize and criticize a whole genre without even knowing anything. For example those who criticize rap and hate it to the bone only know of artists like Weezy, Drake and so on. I'm a firm believer that there isn't a bad music genre, just music genres you don't like and that's it. No genre is the worst or the best. It's just genres you like the most and like the least.

    Just a little pet peeve of mine. I've come to ignore these people anyway :p
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    I don't know about you, but for me the above comes pretty darn close...
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    ^ but there are people who appreciate that music
  4. Trust, there are vietnamese folks songs that are pretty whack, and when i hear them, i'm like... this is music?

    But TT is right. Each person has their own preference of music, and if you don't like the music, fine. But to generalize the listeners of that type of music, and insulting them, that's classless, and ignorant.

    K-Hip hop for example, some people think I'm fob for listening to such music, but when they listened to it, they liked it.
    Same situation with rap.

    I used to hate country, and I mean, HAAAAATE it. I forced myself to sit and watch CMT (Country Music Television), to figure out why people like this music. Then I heard the classic country songs. It has its stories, and even though I still don't like country, I understand that some people do, and I respect it.

    But to generalize rap to be a meaningless, and non-musical, unless they're listening to shit like fail wannabe vietnamese rappers, people need to shed this stereotype.
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    When i say J-Pop.. most people will probably think "Anime". Yes i understand why.. but J-Pop isn't all anime.

    And also, i can say about 80% of my Japanese playlist is boybands.. and probably the rest is girl bands. Friends often go like "you're gay cause you like boybands..".. i'm just like.. :facepalm: That doesn't mean shit. It's music.

    I respect what genres or type of music they listen to, so i hope they will do the same with me.
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    the music i like is the best, the music you like made for gay porn.

    wheres that krs one line:

    "Rappers spit rhymes that are mostly illegal, MC's spit rhymes to uplift they people"

    the term rap is a generalization nowadays right:trollface:
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    :ugh2: What kind of genre would this fall into?
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    LOL, Syncopated Dyslexia -bowroflarms

    But seriously, parts of it sounds like a cheap artistic rip of Rapper's Delight [1979] by the Sugar Hill Gang


    But it won't be the first, as other "artists" have seem to like imitating this disco classic


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    when peeps ask me what i like i just say anything that sounds nice.
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    yeah .. preference .. i disliked rap music cuz its lyric almost always full of profanities .. listen to that kind of music at work, in car, or anywhere in public is offensive .. if i can't even listen to it whenever i want, there's no point of even buying them at all. another thing i noticed that a lot of music lyric today are very straightforward with its lyric .. crude and simple .. for example, old chinese music has a more elegant ways of expressing things through music than nowaday where it feels like garbage and for some, you can't even understand a word .. jay chou anyone
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    I've thought about this about 1 year now?

    I really really respect you for creating this thread.

    I really AGREE with you.

    I REALLY hate rock, but the genre is very big. I only hate metal rock, but it doesnt mean i'll go around and say ''HAHA METALROCK IS FOR RETARDS YOU GOT NO MUSIC TASTE LOL''

    I still respect that genre and understand why people like that genre.

    I've always been listening to hip hop, but few years ago I began listening to ballads,pop and other stuff and when people noticed that they went O.O WHY ARE YOU LISTENING TO THAT MUSIC? WERENT YOU A HIP HOP FAN? ...