Pictures of stuff you recently RECEIVED..

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  1. i love your gf.

    please dont beat me up -mellow

    lol, but yeah, i would love to see my girl do that instead of giving me the stare down whenever i buy a game.
  2. lol wow.. and she lined up? with the crowd hordes of overweight nerds who ain't seen daylight or a female in years..

    Now you know you gotta return the favor.. lol
  3. [N]

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    damn man your girlfriend doesnt enjoy video games but lined up and got the geek edition for you gotta give her some lovin. awesome chick right there.
  4. MrCooperS

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    Got this in the mail. Taking my girlfriend to see the show. My girlfriend's birthday present. 2nd row seats.

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  5. person

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    I actually got this a few weeks ago, but just posting it now.


    Little cousin broke my old camera, so my aunt and uncle replaced it with this new one.
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  6. fearless_fx

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    hahaha trust me ;) she gets lots of love :whip:
  7. nightang3l

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    my gf just bought a nice new guess messenger bag for my birthday

  8. kontradictions

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    Nice purse.
  9. Something came in the mail...


    hmm what weird packaging.. can't tell what it is...


    OH SHIT MUTHAFUCKA!!! GT5 on Release date BITCHES!
  10. [N]

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    ^damn you fuckkkerrrr. Fucking RAGGGEEEE
  11. HAHahah.. watch the windows roll up ho!
  12. [N]

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    Fucking introduced you and akki to this and one got gt5 and one got lbp2...FML.-ann
  13. Lol.. no actually I won it already before you made the thread..
  14. any other games that i can get? :naughty:
  15. [N]

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    ^sorry bud nothing for canadians:whistling:

    Still you are a damn fuckkkerrr:(
  16. AHAHHAHAHA nice ecko!!!! mine should be coming next month on the 18th!
  17. lol it's coo N.. at least you got PAIN!
  18. Bulla

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    Did that come with complimentary guy-liner and mascara ?
  19. lmao.. you guys are so messed up..
  20. Knoctur_nal

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    hatorade all around