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  1. Let's 'TOQ' about this series.. -lol like it?? just made it up.. it's got an authentic Ecko patent on it. :p

    Feel free to post any random thoughts or things you notices...

    In episode 1 or 2.. one of the chairs is from Ikea!!!

    Funny how episode 25 shows Bobby n Jessica getting together.. then the following episode Tavia n Bosco get together...

    Anyone feel Bobby n Jessica gettin together was all too sudden?? like one minute they were friends and out of nowhere they have a thing for each other.. I would have liked to see some turn of event to show that both of them have feelings for each other... What happend TVB!??

    Oh but Tavia was so cute when she was trying to decide what to do about Bosco... and she busted out that pocket full of change... -lol lmao.. that was classic...

    How many people feel that those lil kids are high unnecessary??
  2. my funniest moment in the series was when jessica spat wine at micheal rofl and then ah wing and micheal spat wine back at her i think... -lol
  3. and when Bobby busted out those panties... LMAo... -lol

    this is probably the first series I've seen that white guy speak only English... -lol
  4. goo wak jai

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    ^ when was that >.<... well throughout the serie i thought how ah wing acted was kinda funny... it was the first time of me seeing him act kinda gay and the funny part was when he said he couldn't live without girls, or sumthing along those lines... and the part when he was cussing lam siw yun (rich girl who helped bobby) and in the end he fell in love with her lol

    Edit: i think i know now... yeh when he came out with pantys when he was gambling...lol
  5. lol yea.. what to highly unlikely couples... =/

    Anyone think Jessica should stay with Michael had he not been such a bad guy??

    I think it's messed up how they have to make Michael such a bad guy.. I mean he was actually good up until he started acting mean towards Tavia. I dunno it's like you want cheer for Michael but then it's gettin harder n harder to...
  6. Nervios

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    There was apparently 2 ending. The first one was the one you saw and the 2nd was never filmed because of schedules, which was jessica waiting for micheal to come out of prison.

    The weird part was when bobby's right arm was shot and it looked like he wasnt hurt when he burst into the meeting room and ask that girl where micheal was.
  7. yeah same here... well... one of they very few anyway... he's got an aussie accent...
  8. whoa Nerv.. watch for the spoilers!!

    now that you mention it.. he does seem to have a bit of an Aussie accent.. a Fobby Aussie at that.. xD

    I was rollin when Bosco busted out that big ass pot from Tavia's purse...
  9. Nirvania

    Nirvania I'm BRACK!?

    Onisac is Casino spelled backwards!
  10. -lol Holy shit.. I never realized that... ahahahah.. and like the lil hotel is from the Rev. Doors of Vengeance...

    Does Onisac even mean anything in Filipino?? can we get a translator here...
  11. Yeahhh that was so funny!! -lol

    Mann...I can't even remember that far back nowZ >.<
  12. goo wak jai

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    ha that's quite cool how they spelt it backwards.
  13. Funny when Bosco thought they killed that guy who made him a begger when he was ickle! -lol
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    Agree with that
  15. In ep. 31.. that massage chair is from Brookstones!!


    how many pple think Bobby should get with someone else? Jessica did him dirty gettin back with Michael like that.. and it seems like Michael's jus using her for sex... -er. It's like why..? why are pple never satisfied when they have a good thing going and always have to ruin it..

    ***End Spoilers*****

    Who thinks that Rich girl should get back with Bobby?? I mean after all she did help him out a lot... I don't see why she tries so hard to get with ah Wing.. they make a bad couple.. =/
  16. Yeh but she would of been a better match with Ah Wing...
    Too bad he... -cry2
  17. goo wak jai

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    I don't think that rich girl suits with Bobby.. >.<
    I prefer her to be with Ah wing
  18. Ah Wing and his hotpot!! -clapclap
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    LoooL found it weird and unnatural to see Jessica become a "couple" with Bobby, there's absolutely no chemistry, while she ánd Miu Kiu Wai did have sparks like fireworks...
  20. OmgZ! When Ah Wing kept jut the rich girl when they was having hotpot!
    So funny!! -lol-clapclap

    And when the rich girl's lo yeh called Bobby 'mok jui'!!! -lol