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Discussion in 'The Rant Section' started by Dan, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Le sigh. I'm currently taking a few summer courses required for my November graduation, but it looks like I might flunk one of them.

    If I retake the course in the fall session, my graduation is going to be delayed until next year.

    Does anyone know if this can be worked out with an employer, to allow you to take a part-time course while working?

    I'm graduating in Computer Science, and this happens to be a Stats course, in which the professor is insane.
  2. KT

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    is it because it is a pre-req course to other ones you'll be taking?
  3. titi

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    maybe talk to prof, see if there are other options, do another assignment?
  4. It's a degree requirement, pretty much my final course.

    And from my research, there really aren't any other options for this particular session. I'll need to do it again. I'm just wondering how it'll affect my prospect for jobs, and if I can work while doing part-time without a degree (missing only one course that isn't critical for programming)
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    Well, if its just one course you can probably still graduate in time no? so that you'll be done by then? anyway, if you talk to your employer I'm sure they'll understand. Unless you're talking about finding another job and asking them if they're ok with it.
  6. By the rules, I'll need to finish my studies by October to graduate in November, but the next offered session is offered from September to December.

    If I pass it then, I'll graduate in March instead of November. I was hoping to begin working in the Fall :(

    But thanks for the tip, I'll probably still apply for jobs, and see if I can work it out with them.

    edit: Perhaps if the older PA folks (hiring managers) can also offer their opinions :)
  7. KT

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    oh, I see. different sessions during the year. my school's are all at the same time. (except summer but it doesnt matter then)
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    @Dan .. negotiate with the professor .. tell him/her that you can't afford to stay back just for one class .. anyway he can let you do extra credit to get you in the D or C category .. passing rather than F. It will affect your GPA but better than staying behind an extra quarter/semester for one class where you have to pay all those extra fees.

    You can also talk to your academic dean to have him replace the required course and sub for another one because you don't wanna stay behind due to one course.

    Sug - Financial and family obligations are the #1 killer in your negotiation because most professors will be more understanding and considerate especially during such difficult economic time. Don't mention employment, blah, blah .. not very important.

    I am not sure if the talking and negotiation will work out for you but I went through the same thing and all had worked out very well for me. Of course, I was a bit different than you though; I was actually taking between 21 to 26 units each quarter (not semester) so I had more to convince the prof than I simply couldn't afford to stay behind - time and money wise. My dean approved all my schedule (despite over the limit) and I was only on the verge of failing out one class (not so the last two years with similar load) .. so yeah .. professor was understanding that I was exhausted with full time job + research + course load. I made it with a B from a F. Extra credit usually mean research paper and lab .. at least for me .. time and more time ... week night and weekend .. no free time to do much else. NO LIFE; however, I graduated on time and sub a lot of classes (that offered once a year) with graduate courses that supposedly more harder (turned out to be easier cuz of smaller size class).

    Good luck!
  9. I was in contact with this prof once before for a different matter, and I'll post a paraphrase of his responses.

    "Do not care. Am not the person to talk to."

    So most likely I'm staying back. I'm just trying to figure out how employers think about allowing prospects to perform their job while taking a course off hours; a course that does not impede my ability to perform the job well.
  10. go get that 'extra credit' :naughty:

    and dan.. I'm disappointed in you.. I thought it was going to be rth who posted this.. :facepalm:
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    i feel for you man, since its part of the core unit there really isnt too much options :|

    guys i failed my final exam what s2 case should i get?
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    I'll tell you right off the bat, get your full time job and run this gig part time. In your particular field and most IT related fields, experience and certificates are key.
    Take the class as part time. Employer won't be affected as this will be outside of their hours.
    Look at night/online/weekend classes.
  13. Thanks Knoc. This is exactly what I was hoping for. I was concerned whether or not employers require you to have completed your degree, pending only the actual receiving of the diploma.

    That'll be my next step.
  14. look at chu.. failing classes.. I told yall Dan was white!
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    @Dan - Don't worry about the degree with your employer. Although it is important, as long as you let them know it is work in progress and you will complete the course and graduate.

    How you interview is the key. If we like you and you can impress us during your interview we will work with you as long as you complete the course and graduate(and you MUST graduate). Companies recruit staff from Universities before they graduate to ensure they get the best talent, so it's really not a big deal as long as they like you. From what I can tell, you'll be just fine with whoever you interview with. Good luck!
  16. Thanks! I appreciate your advice.
  17. All the good advice has been given.... Dan, Good Luck. Just let your employer know the situation rather than hiding it and somehow finding out. Hope it doesn't present too big a road block into starting your career. I thought you were out of college/university already?!
  18. Thanks. Nah, I was in my final year, finishing up my two most hated subjects (calc and stats), but theoretical statistics are just a bunch of WTF to me..

    I'm doing a double major, and I graduated with a degree in my second major already, and am just trying to finish comp sci.
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    Not being funny if your employer is still keeping you regardless of whether you get this final course done or not you should iust do it part time. Negotiation with your employer about a part time course shouldn't be an issue if it doesn't affect your work. I am starting to realise that even if you have a full degree you may not have the experience that employers want and the fact you do have one just keep it and do the part time course. Totally off topic with the last sentence but hey ho just think Knoc is right about it all.
  20. Dan, most employers will be quite content with you finishing off your final graduating requirements.

    Go out there, don't let it beat you down and get right into the full time jobs. It's all about how you present yourself and your abilities. You show them you're someone that's keen on working and they'll appreciate it. When it comes down to it, experience is more valued than the piece of paper we all work so hard towards.

    Keep us updated on how you go but with the right attitude, you'll do just fine