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    Hi all,

    So I'm starting this thread to help or share knowledge about raspberry pi's. Recently I've been seeing a lot of people complaining about TVPad keep going out of service either because it's getting sued or whatnot, and other competitors are about $150 and upward, or even $200. The Raspberry Pi are relatively cheap if you just buy the base board for about $30. So before I start here are general specs of the Raspberry Pi for the 2nd Generation Model B

    • A 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU
    • 1GB RAM
    Like the (Pi 1) Model B+, it also has:

    • 4 USB ports
    • 40 GPIO pins
    • Full HDMI port
    • Ethernet port
    • Combined 3.5mm audio jack and composite video
    • Camera interface (CSI)
    • Display interface (DSI)
    • Micro SD card slot
    • VideoCore IV 3D graphics core
    Here is the cost of a regular RaspPi - Click Here

    So the newest model is roughly $60 with a case (Easy to pop in, no screws required)

    I recommend buying the kit just for ease

    The kit should come with a microSD card (VERY IMPORTANT - the rasppi is powered by not only the power cable but the microsd card)

    Most kits you buy nowadays for the rasppi should have NOOBS pre-installed which should come with Raspbian (Debian based operating system) and another installer.

    Guide to install another OS with NOOBS (Not recommended)

    1. Boot into the raspberry pi and press shift before it loads into OS selection screen
    2. When you are in recovery mode, it should let you choose another operating system to install
    3. I chose OpenElec for Pi2 (which is XBMC or Kodi - the media center you want)
    Guide to install KODI with pre-installed Raspbian (Preferred way)

    1. Boot into the raspberry pi and let it go into the OS selection
    2. Select Raspbian
    3. once everything is loaded log in
      1. Username is pi
      2. Password is raspberry
      3. type startx and hit enter (this should boot into the desktop view of Raspbian)
    4. Once you are into the desktop view open up the terminal
    5. sudo su
    6. type vi /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mene.list
      1. If you are new to linux, when you edit files in the terminal, you hit the "i" key to enter edit mode
      2. Once you are in edit mode copy and paste this line in
      3. deb http://archive.mene.za.net/raspbian wheezy contrib
      4. Hit the "esc" button to exit edit mode and then type :x and hit enter. :x is save and quit (literally typing : and then an x after hitting escape button)
    7. Run the following command and hit enter
      1. apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-key 5243CDE
      2. apt-get update
      3. apt-get install kodi -y
    8. Edit this file by running this command - vi /etc/udev/rules.d/99-input.rules
      1. SUBSYSTEM==input, GROUP=input, MODE=0660
        KERNEL==tty[0-9]*, GROUP=tty, MODE=0660
      2. Mostly by default, the first line should already be there. Remember when you edit files - i is to enter edit mode, esc brings you out of edit mode and when you are out of edit mode save and quit by running :x
    9. Edit this file by running this command - vi /etc/udev/rules.d/10-permissions.rules
      1. # input
        KERNEL=="mouse*|mice|event*", MODE="0660", GROUP="input"
        KERNEL=="ts[0-9]*|uinput", MODE="0660", GROUP="input"
        KERNEL==js[0-9]*, MODE=0660, GROUP=input
        # tty
        KERNEL==tty[0-9]*, MODE=0666
        # vchiq
        SUBSYSTEM==vchiq, GROUP=video, MODE=0660
    10. Run all these commands
      1. usermod -a -G audio pi
        usermod -a -G video pi
        usermod -a -G input pi
        usermod -a -G dialout pi
        usermod -a -G plugdev pi
        usermod -a -G tty pi
    11. Type in Kodi
    KODI, OPENELEC, or XBMC are the same thing, XBMC was the original name but was deprecated and forked named KODI.

    This is how your screen should look like if you were to install openelec or Kodi


    Now - this is the fun part and probably the easier part once you installed KODI/OpenELEC. Time to install those TVB video app you want, or anime, or NBA, or whatever). If you are using USB keyboard/mouse this will become a lot easier

    1. Navigate to System
    2. Select File Manager right under Systems
    3. Add Source
    4. Enter http://srp.nu and then done
    5. Enter a name of your choice for this source (I just used superrepo for easy sake)
    6. Hit escape button to bring you back out to the menu screen
    7. System
    8. Navigate and select add-ons
    9. Select "Install from zip file"
    10. Select SuperRepo
    11. Now this is really your choice, I chose helix -> all -> select the vip -> install
    12. Hit escape button again and navigate to video
    13. go to add on
    14. get more
    15. since superrepo is now enabled - when you hit get more, find Dramasian or drama24h which both contains TVB, mainland, Japanese and Korean dramas and TV Shows
    16. **Trick, if you chose OpenElec, all your add-ons should show up after installing superrepo (which is about 1000 add ons, if you decide to install kodi as a service on raspbian, this might take a bit to update all 1000 add-ons**
    Now if you are installing as a service, this might take a bit. The person who developed Dramasian.net and drama24h plug in (DKnight) has his repository available online

    1. There are many ways to do this but when I stood this up, I treated the rasppi as a server and knowing that this is Linux based, ssh should be enabled. If you choose to follow my instructions, download putty and open putty up
    2. If this is in your home network - the IP address should be 192.168.1.X, where X is the last octet given when you connect your rasppi to your wifi.
    3. Download this file right here - LINK
    4. Download winscp on your computer and copy that file you just downloaded from your computer to your raspberry pi (If you do not know how to use winscp, it's very simple, google or youtube around, connect same way you connect via putty, IP address, when prompt enter your creds which is pi and raspberry). In winscp, your right hand side is your remote connection, your raspberry pi and the left side is your local computer
    5. If you are wondering where to drop the file, I put it in /media/(some strange string, should be a short 8-10 character string)
    6. Back to your KODI screen, install that zip file you downloaded the same way you installed super repo
    7. Dramasian and drama24h should now be available
    Below are sources and video tutorials I found for you guys

    Installing SuperRepo

    Installing Dramasian

    DKnight's Repository Discussion

    Hope this helped save you guys money. Let me know what other things you guys did and some cool stuff you guys did. Share some knowledge here :)
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    Right on for dropping this. Big fan of these boards.
    Snatched em from the first gen and currently looking at the pi zero.
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    yea i saw the pi zero as well, $5 is amazing! and I think it's in the middle of the pi1 and pi2...spec's aren't too bad. I might buy one when it comes out. Speaking of which, there's apparently a kickstart project going on which is supposedly a cheaper version but more powerful. Seems to be picking up steam as of late


    Also, to my knowledge or experience with this thing. Installing openelec pi2 on the rasppi might be an issue. There's a bug out there where when you boot into openelec, you either get a black screen where you need to constantly reboot or eventually it'll stop recognizing your SDcard. There are bug fixes but hectic for people who don't know linux or how to connect onto it via putty.

    I recommend running kodi as a service on raspbian
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    so apparently rasppi 3 came out, I might invest and get one.

    Anyhow, sorry I was kinda busy and didn't really contribute to this if anyone ended up using it. My parents were kinda complaining recently that the Dramasian/dramasian app wasn't working

    for shits and giggles this is all I did to fix it

    first check what your kodi version is

    if you use putty, fire it up and login via IP. By default I believe a lot of rasppi sets its IP as

    username - pi
    password - raspberry

    then type in these commands

    sudo su -
    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade -y

    apt-get install kodi -y (this should upgrade or replace your old kodi version)

    when everything is done do another
    kodi -v to check the version again.

    I went from 14.2 to 15.2 and the upgrade took about 15-20 minutes. I believe current kodi version is 16.2 so I'm still playing around with that. 15.2 so far is pretty good.

    BTW, i also played around a bit and installed prosports from another repo to watch sports in HD. and another app named genesis which can stream TV shows (GoT)

    GoMovie is not too bad as well, some new movies, deadpool in HD
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    Figured it out. Not too bad, found an app where I can watch Game of Thrones in HD including new ones

    System > File Manager > Add Repo


    Then install from zip > fusion > english > xbmc > exodus.zip

    Go into the exodus repo and install the exodus video add on
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    one last thing to add - the SD cards for the rasppi aren't too big and if you use noobs, you cannot resize rootfs.

    There is a useless application that takes up half a gb of space called wolfram so just remove that

    sudo apt-get purge wolfram -y should do the trick
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    Dramasian/drama24h is down for the last 2 days, icdrama add on as an alternative has been found, please refer below for instructions to install

    add repo -> https://cthlo.github.io/cthlo-kodi-repo
    install from zip -> you want repository.cthlo-kodi-repo -> install only zip
    install add-on -> install video add-on -> install icdrama (DO NOT INSTALL Dramasian TO REPLACE OLD ONE, this one is merely a forked version and is no longer worked on by cthlo, Dknight still manages Dramasian and drama24 add-ons)

    Refer ->

    Now my parents are running on 3 add-ons to go back and forth between either dramas or movies.
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    dramasian add on? does it have the shinobi and KeNNy DA love drama swordplay mountain? lol
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    lmao, whoops, I meant Dramasian