Resident Evil, Netflix Style

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    Anyone watched this?

    High production values, but IMHO, pretty garbage script. Interesting that the evil characters are all white and the good guys in this are people of color (damn, Netflex trying to be woke. LOL...) starts with two teenage girls that decide to be morally outraged by the big bad corporation and thus steal their dad's access to a high tech Umbrella lab with the intent to expose any wrongdoing there. Unfortunately, their clumsiness and ineptitude trips them up and almost gets them killed while releasing one of the lab monsters. But the funny thing about this portrayal is, that they're so stupid you're not fearful of the rabid creature chasing them. In fact, I wanted the demon dog to kill the both of them for their incessant self centered Karen like behaviors. Or, as a parenting skill challenged acquaintance of mine once said, "the only thing that child is good for is to hurt."

    The entire series is based on the hubris of the protagonist, named Jade (one of those aforementioned teens but all grown up; older, not smarter) played by British thespian Ella Balinska, who tries to preserve what's left of civilization whilst fighting Umbrella, the 'Zeros' (ie. the zombies), as well as the remnants of humanity who have loosely coalesced into competing survival factions around the globe. Plenty of good action and bullets flying. But, again throughout the entire series, she does so many dumb things that I only continued to watch because I wanted to see her dead.

    And the ending? Well let's just say they left room for season 2. Well, I guess that's still motivation for a show, LOL...
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    Didn't Halo also get a TV series remake?

    I don't really watch shows but I heard both got pretty underwhelming reviews due to the fact that it had nothing to do with the video game.
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    Indeed. Both of these shows use the basic theme and background of their games as the general stage and they then plug their 'story' into that universe instead. If you want to see the game content fleshed out, you won't find it in these dramatizations.
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    I watched the first episode and a little bit of the second episode and come to an conclusion that it's not that good to watch. Maybe I need to watch couple of more episodes to give a fair opinion
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    i stopped after 15 minutes lol
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    Isn't this based off the movie, continuing off of it?