Shops Torched and Looted in English Towns 8th-9th August 2011

Discussion in 'The Rant Section' started by KingPin, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Bulla

    Bulla Well-Known Member

    Anonymous area bunch of jokers, they are getting caught left right and centre let them hack FB or BB with known exploits, hopefully the rest of them outcasts will get caught.

    I just cant get over the 2 organic chefs who smashed up nandos, that is funny.
  2. gawain187

    gawain187 Well-Known Member

    I'm glad that its finally calmed down!
    Been heck of a week having to go through with all of this, especially when your trying to sleep with the helicopter flying around!
  3. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Heard a law student and a primary school teacher got caught looting :facepalm:
  4. [N]

    [N] RATED [ ]

    okkkiiee laa... and more homeless that will definitely make this worse as those people would have nothing to lose and cause more shit.
  5. KingPin

    KingPin Well-Known Member

    They should instate corporal punishment. It's this PC state that has created this culture of entitlement, which makes the younger generation believe there is no consequence for their actions.
  6. ralphrepo

    ralphrepo Well-Known Member

    Let's ask ourselves a question here; could this same riot have occurred in Japan?
  7. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    ^as valid as that is .. which i see is .. people have to understand how society is for the young generation in the UK ..... underage pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, violence ... things like vandalisim etc happen all the time but in a very small scale by people ages like 12. ... i think people need to realise that the people who did these violent acts are the less educated, less able etc .......... sorry if you've already stated this but you and nassy BIG convo just kinda puts me off xD :p
  8. MissCheekS

    MissCheekS Reconnaîssant ❤

    I am going to UK in 2 days................... but luckily, i dont think there have been any incidents there tho!
  9. [video=youtube;6Gex_ya4-Oo][/video]
  10. bbgirlsum

    bbgirlsum Well-Known Member

    No there wouldn't be because I believe Japan is not a welfare/benefit orientated society and that the Japanese like most other asian countries don't really have a heavy welfare/benefit system like the UK does.
    The whole rioters and looters are mainly people who are heavily reliant on purely benefits (i.e. people who can't be bothered to go into work and just sit on their arses and wait for tax payers' money to get to their gyro) and the seeds of those people too. Yes I believe heavier discipline should be used both at home and at school but what can you do with the stupid so called Human Rights standing in the way?!

    Everytime the news comes on showing these riots I just get angry simply because the police can't do anything as they get criticised for not using forces when I know that they will get the stick for using inappropriate force (which I do feel sorry for them). I mean the whole water cannon issue should have been used on the 2nd day of rioting in Hackney but no... The introduction to that kind of force was a bit too late when the riot has obviously died down since the extra 10k police officers have to be taken off leave just to stop these scumbags!

    On the upper not Essex wasn't struck that badly apart from the 2 worse/scumbag towns there is but there was no surprise that the little chavs and looters were to do that anyway. But I was tempted to go into one of them and just literally point and laugh at how pathetic they were.... =/

    Depends on where you are going really... Stay out of Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and even London (well I think central is pretty much safe now)
  11. MissCheekS

    MissCheekS Reconnaîssant ❤

    ^ i am going to brighton... as far as i know nothing happened there so it should b fine!

    this guy has been arrested tho! read it last nite.... good thing so many ppl watched it n probably recognized the guy!
  12. bbgirlsum

    bbgirlsum Well-Known Member

    ^ Brighton is fine then, if you said Southampton then there would be a problem :)
  13. mr_evolution

    mr_evolution ( • )( •ԅ(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

    Hopefully this wont happen next year
  14. MissCheekS

    MissCheekS Reconnaîssant ❤

    ^ or ever again!!!
  15. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    Well tbh when our government changed to david Cameron and nick clegg plus the student riot and the government job protest you know that uk turns to shit .... This is just a step forward to show how genuinely shit our country has got to and I'm not surprised if another riot happens in the next year
  16. bbgirlsum

    bbgirlsum Well-Known Member

    Riots will always happen but this particular one is where citizens are taking advantage and decides to disrupt the public order and challenging how far they can go
  17. Bulla

    Bulla Well-Known Member

    The crazy thing is a lot of people who would never do that kind of thing got caught in it seeing that they could get loot, you know how humans are with loot, its the thing that makes humans destroy their lives on games like WoW, people are loot crazy.

    I did get mad when i saw the chavs looting the same Samsung TV i got, i had to pay for my one (well my dad did but same thing).

    Lets see if the calm remains when the police presence goes down in London, I think it will because the craze is fizzling out, im just glad there were no riots in my town, fortunately i didn't see any of it in person.

    You know what, all the football hooligan riots that happen around the world each year, year in, year out (usually by brits) would equal more damage than this and more lives lost imo. we do always get riots, they usually just don't last this long.

    Stage 1
  18. brown_bear

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    awwww..."..angieeee's going to the seasidee....

    we all like to go beside the seaaaa...."...#

    hope the weathers good....its cooled down a lot in the last few days only just reaching 20ºC
  19. MissCheekS

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    yaaa... lets hope so... -_- this summer is shit! but not just going there for the beach la...!!!
  20. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    quite a few places had calmed down now.