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    You really wanna read this? :shifty:

    Although it's shown 9 Mui (Sheren Tang) dies alone in Episode 1, but it's actually quite a happy ending. Lau Sing (Wayne Lai) loses his memory due to brain concussion, but he meets 9 Mui again after about 20-30 years in Guangzhou. Lau Sing actually dies just several years before 9 Mui. Ching Ching (Fala Chen) dies because of her heart disease. Her lover Yeung Yeung (Raymond Wong) lives on, same with Pai Gwat Jai (Pierre Ngo).
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    You know it is very tempting to click on that, well as soon as I clicked onto this thread, I was prepared.

    That does sound interesting, I knew that was gonna happen (only 1/10 of that lol)!
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    queen of spoilers....
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    Ooh thanks for the spoilers. I actually don't mind reading spoilers because we also need to see how those points play out in the drama.
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    im not reading !
    episode 27 was great !
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    No one told you to click :kekekegay: