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    wow fk this drama is exactly the same as rosy2

    fkn they just use the same scenery and everywhere looks familiar.... the newspaper house here is the police office of rosy2 lmao

    the starting song... omg its like the exact same song sung by a female. the way elisa sang it sounds so much like leo ku and the way the graphics are done at the back makes it 99.9% da same:ugh::ugh:
  2. KaY_xD

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    did you know, all the pre-modern dramas are shoot in the same darn studio, so you will see the same thing over and over again.

    the song is supposed to be powerful, kung fu, yeah
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  3. Jeff

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    If you noticed.. A Chip Off The Old Block was filmed in this studio too

    Where the main characters lived in Chip Off The Old Block was where No Regrets ppl lived.
  4. RockkxD

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    Ya, it's obvious but it is nothing to get all tight on lol.
  5. lochen

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    no bad, we can learn kung fu.