So boring

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  1. gawain187

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    I have to say firstly, Im NOT a loyal fan, If I was a loyal fan then I would be subscribed to the TVB channel instead of downloading.

    Secondly What exactly is it that made you dislike this series?
  2. rsx

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    Everything. Lack of acting talent, lack of a decent storyline (you can't tell me that this is even a storyline), and senselessness . If a series lacked all of the above, it should at the very least be entertaining and/or funny, but it lacks even that.

    It's one of those series where you watch the first few episodes and you know the series will be headed nowhere, one of those series where you can't believe the writers of the script actually had their "practice script" directed and broadcasted.

    This is irrelevant, but why does that KID (one of the three idiots, don't know his name) appear in ALMOST EVERY series that Bobby is in? It's like watching a Stephen Chow film and you just KNOW that Ng Man Tat is going to be in it too.
  3. gawain187

    gawain187 Well-Known Member

    Well not all actors can be performing at their best everytime.

    well most Tv-Dramas are like this

    Well this drama isnt a serious one, its a comedy

    Well comedys are like this

    well maybe he fit the role
  4. ultim8camper

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    gawain u have to admit tho it is sucking .......... ep 10 now ...... the only scenes i like was when a san are teaching the kids .... cause tbh thats really educational .... like those 3 pictures how u take care of next generation while the next take cares of the before generation ... but apart from that all the other scenes are like "ho seee" ...
  5. auta

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    i thought we had enough of those cop or love drama's, open up to something more light hearted =)

    i dont mind the series, im currently on my last year and love my soccer =)
  6. gawain187

    gawain187 Well-Known Member

    Im just enjoying the jokes Bobby cracks up
  7. rsx

    rsx Well-Known Member

    That's the frigging point, mang. It's supposed to be comedy, yet it ain't funny. And even if it's comedy, you can at least have a decent storyline that's worth the audiences' time. That's why this series is so damn horrible.
  8. Bobby has proven he's a great actor for many years now...but in the last year he's has took part in some bad series.. thats just due to the lack of creativity of the TVB writers (poor scripts / storys)

    even though the series is not great people will tune in just because Bobby's in it... he has that big of a fan base.
  9. xpheal

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    Guys, i agree that this series is boring and I just watched the first episode but never finished it. From the trailer and stuff, does not look appealing. Well, I love football but the football scene is so fake and so bad! And the actors.. hmm apart from the few "older" actor and actresses, the rest are "leng chai".. so that all for this series! :)
  10. fookjay07

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    first chapter is boring, dont think this drama would be any
  11. animeworld

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    -sleepomg...this show is so boring!! But Bobby does make it a lil more entertaining
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  12. Phoenix

    Phoenix *~Though she be but little, she is fierce~*

    @ gawain....there IS ice hockey in UK

    back to op....i kinda stopped watching after the first ep....><"
  13. tonkachi

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    ^ smart cut your losses while you are head...cuz it is horrible and it hasn't been improving at all...on top of that even though bobby is in it the rest of the people aren't helping to make it a worthwhile drama

    the san bo are really crappy in acting and so are the sisters of A sun
  14. bbes

    bbes Incredible

    i guess they give u a crap series to then build up to moonlight resonance the much better series lol. besides i think this series could be aimed more at kids as they can't watch moonlight resonance cos of all the hate and arguing in there, i guess a lot of parents would disapprove, so this series is a comedy for kids so that they can watch this show i guess.
  15. negiqboyz

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    Again, TRASH. I am sorry to all those Bobby's fans out there for saying that but I am also his fan; quite frankly, this series is not delivering. It's NOT the actor/actress but the SCRIPT, SCRIPT, SCRIPT. It's so lousy, boring, pathetic at time, and draggy. Even the editing and production for this series is a mess and choppy. Anyhow, with the current slow economy globally, I can understand why people including Bobby are taking up roles even knowing they're stupid. We all gotta live and earn as much as we can whilst work is still available. Also keep in mind, TVB is the dominating company in HK and Cantonese drama all around. They don't care as long as something is out that's generating revenues. People are BOUND to watch it if there's someone popular in the show like LInda Chung or Raymond Lam. Quality is obviously OUT.
  16. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    ep 16 .......i bet this series will drag sooo much we wont see ep 20 in 5 weeks times lmao .......yawn
  17. OhanaUnited

    OhanaUnited Well-Known Member

    i agree, they could hav cut it down to 15 episodes (not to mention saving $!)
  18. ralphrepo

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    I agree that Bobby is probably one of TVB's best acting assets. He's one of those guys that you can always count on putting on a good show. However, I think you hit the nail on the head with your second statement. This story is just horrible, and reflects not a lack of creativity, but a lack of creative direction. Sure the story and idea is creative; but its simply very poorly written, fails to captivate a wide audience, and ultimately falls flat. If TVB does a few more of these we'll be calling them ATV. For years, TVB has had a very successful formulaic approach to these series. It may be wise for them to do what they do best and leave the "experiments" off of prime time. :whistling:
  19. 低B仔

    低B仔 Well-Known Member

    lol this iseries isnt that boring but it does get lost a few times.. i mean you get bad or good drams now and then you cant expect everything to be perfect. well least it has some entertaining parts like MK Sun a special guest is in it lol
  20. natnat528

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    I really enjoyed this series. Can't believe so many ppl think its boring! It was really touching and funny. I liked how they didn't focus the whole show on romance or family politics! I think Bobby was great in this.