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    For some reason, I missed out on this series and didn't download it when it first came out in 2011. Luckily, I was recently cued by something on YouTube, and was surprised that I hadn't even heard of this, LOL...

    At any rate, an odd thing in the episode where they kidnapped children; I thought it rather strange that the children were kept in an iron prison cage. I think this highly improbable, as the iron then would historically have likely cost even more than what the children were worth (that's a bit of sobering economic math isn't it?). They probably would have been kept locked in a basement or on a junk, to avoid having their cries from being heard by neighbors. Really a sad bit of history.

    And Ep 18, best part was when Wong Fei Hung, out of nowhere, suddenly punched the bad guy in the nose. I was like, WTF? Oh Snap, that was so righteous! LOL...

    So, the girl was locked up in her room for ten days before her wedding? Where did she shit? (Pssst... you're on the first floor and there's a window... like Da-uh...)

    In order to make Wong Fei Hung not seem like a cradle robber and sexual deviant, the series stresses that it was the young girl who wanted this, so Wong Fei Hung was um, ...just doing her a favor? Yeah... right... And then to make matters worse, he suddenly drops dead? Like WTF?

    Also, I love how everyone is able to learn Kung Fu in ten easy lessons.

    So towards the end, every character is more or less rehabilitated; except for the Mr. Evil personified? Who is also a collaborator? Sorry, but I don't buy it. But, on the other hand, Kenneth Ma was certainly able to out evil them all; when he turned bad, it was so believably real that I wanted to shoot the son of a bitch.

    The ending was a bit contrived, with Mr. Evil's wife suddenly playing the psycho bitch; but it was well done; didn't even see it coming.

    All in all, I thought it was pretty well done, despite a few unbelievable spots. But my question is, what happened to the female lead after all this time? She makes one series and then, poof; she disappears. Perhaps she didn't sleep with the right TVB producer?
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