[SPOILER ALERT] Episode 17!

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  1. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Ah this episode was deep, the way Katy (the 2nd daughter of the goul family) pushed Niki on the bike. If she becomes crippled then it would be disappointing for Raymond since he found out that she is infact 'Tong Tong' (milky sweet).

    When the other half-son of the 'Goul' family brought the police in to find Katy it wasn't surprising to know that the mother of that family bribed the police. Why must they do that! The worst is that Katy got away. Would have been good if she got caught and put to justice. What's dumb is that didn't the half-son realise that her pearl jewels were removed as she came down the stairs? I'm sure he knew though but didn't wanted to expose her in front of the whole family. Hopefully the father of the family make things right.
  2. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    But with her breaking her leg again, it confirms Niki to be Tong Tong since the doctor told him that she had previously broken her leg, and its her second time.

    About the bribing, I really hate when that kind of shit happens in drama.. but guess thats how things were back in the days.
  3. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Yeah, at that time he knew it was Tong Tong, what I'm implying is that Raymond will be disappointed because he just 'reunited' with her as a 'normal' human being, but now that her leg is injured it will be disappointing since if she's crippled she will be upset, thus affect Raymond. Of course Raymond will still continue to love her but it's upsetting for her to face life with a broken leg.

    I believe that fever caused Niki to lose her memory but her leg got recovered from some stuff (smashed and regenerated?), that's why she do not recall her past.
  4. ray89

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    predictable like all series... we are not surprised that from the start u can guess niki is tong tong, and they would use the fever memory lose thing...its soo obvious.
  5. mike chang

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    thank you
  6. moonlightshadow

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    Well i still reQon the storyline is good. Predictable yes. But if they put a random girl to be tong tong then it would have killed the storyline. =.=
    It'll make Raymond a jerk either way lol.

    Hmm, making her cripple is good though. It's like old times =) and it is an incentive for raymond to chop the family more ^.^