[stream] 詩遊記 Poetic Journey (a show abt Chinese Poetry)

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  1. Hi all... i just wanna introduce to u guys this great show about Chinese Poets and Peotry... and show u where they grew up and the places they studied...

    a lot of you may have heard some of them like 同是天涯淪落人- 相逢何必曾相識 (Tong Si Tin Ngai Lun Lok Yun - Sheung Fung Hor Bit Cheng Shueng Shik) or 春消一刻值千金 (Chun Siu Yud Huk Jik Chin Gum) - sorry for my bad romanization... and this show tells u about alot of the famous ancient poets who came up with these great poems... tell u what some of them means... it also brings u to some of the most beautiful sceneries

    the show's in Cantonese with traditional Chinese subtitles and the links r mms streaming links so u'll need a d/l client like NetTransport to get them...


    Episode 01-A
    Episode 01-B
    in episode 1 they actually found a Canadian (gwai lo) in China studying Chinese poetry... -what?

    Episode 02-A
    Episode 02-B

    Episode 03-A
    Episode 03-B

    Episode 04-A
    Episode 04-B

    Episode 05-A
    Episode 05-B

    Episode 06-A
    Episode 06-B

    Episode 07-A
    Episode 07-B

    Episode 08-A
    Episode 08-B

    Episode 09-A
    Episode 09-B

    Episode 10-A
    Episode 10-B

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