Suggestions for a trip in the Summer - 2016

Discussion in 'Traveling Abroad' started by, Mar 6, 2016.

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    I'm searching for a place for this summer.

    I'd like somewhere hot (but not too hot) and with nice landscapes (not an island with only the beach).

    Any idea about a place in north America, Asia (except China) or Europe ?

    I'd like to go to south America but I'm afraid of the zika virus so I leave it for later.

    Australia and New Zealand are too far so the ticket will be too expensive.
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    Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Vancouver, Houston
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  3. moonlightshadow

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    Hawaii! You gotta go. Its so nice and peaceful there.

    Go Switzeland i hear its really nice there.

    [sad tmes i didnt read the top lols but too lazy to delete.]
    Otherwise go New Zealand, its cold and all but whereever you go its like a beautiful scene. You'll love it. It's more peaceful then Hawaii lols
    Or Australia! Nice and warm so u can have plenty of fun
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    Thanks for your ideas.

    I would look at Vancouver and Seattle, they seem good but I'd like to add another place which isn't a city.

    Thanks !

    Your ideas seem so interesting. As for Hawai it is very tempting but may be a very expensive place since a lot of people go there for honeymoon.

    Switzerland is too quiet for me, I already went there.

    Oceania is like a dream but I will check the price maybe I can afford it if not too long.

    I'll starte to check for those places soon but if anybody else still have idea you can tell me :yes: