Tavia and Moses's Ending (SPOILERS)

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    As if they couldn't make it sick enuff that it is implied they were gonna date, they have to end with them making babies....so fucking disgusting yo. this is the worst incest ending i've seen.
  2. let them be. sheesh (they are not blood related) shes a LOR LUI! -lol man tavia was lookin hot in that scene just before the 4 years after -lol huge crush for her now. :naughty:
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    I felt the same way. I cannot believe the writers really made that shit happen at the last fuggin' minute, they could've just left it out and it would've been fine.

    And jeen gak, their brother/sister relationship ain't enough to make it incest?! Who the heck cares if they're not blood-related! I'm sure you wouldn't bang your adopted sister, sheeeit.
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    hahaha..i was thinking the exact same thing. I never really thought she was all that pretty before, but that scene made me a believer. Let the incest debate rage on, but the fact is; tavia is hot.
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    dude she was adopted when she was 18 months, life before that is usually forgotten anyways. they basically had the same father/mother/grandparents since they were born. and also moses always came home unlike the other children who were away all the time. it's seriously him bangin his sister lol. their sibling relationship wasn't even distanced at all yo. it's on the level of banging ur adopted mother just because she's not blood related, same thing lol. think about it.

    @rsx, yea their relationship was already postponed for like the remaining 10 episodes anyways that i don't care for it to be concluded, it was totally unnecessary.
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    I know, I liked her more and more throughtout the series! She looks good in glasses too! :xd:
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    Chill the f out. Tavia is adopted. That itself already rules out the incest portion.
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    lol so you would fuck ur sister if you find out she's adopted or know she's adopted (if you had a sister?). if so, u one nasty motherfucker.

    but just imagine this, u are tavia, u guys have the same mother by records/paper and also have the same mother like since the moment you were born (she wasn't adopted at 20 or whatever). u've called moses "tai lo" for like what 20 something years, and then u call him "lo kung" all of a sudden. they rushed the ending soo bad, i would expect hor ma and jo bao to oppose this 100%, imagine your daughter for like over 20 years actually becoming your daughter in law. i would say longetivity/care really overcomes any bloodline relationship if it's with raising children. their love relationship was 100% rushed as only tavia had boy/girl love feelings for moses at the beginning. and after not showing their relationship for a while, they use 5 mins and a 4 years in the future thing to show they've elevated it to marriage, its cheesy as hell.
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    Let's put it this way, would you fuck (never mind marrying and having kids with) your adopted sister that you knew since you were like what, 5?

    And depending on one's perceptions and the culture/society that one lives in, incest does not MERELY involve individuals that are blood-related. Incest is the sexual activity between two closely-related parties, so yes, banging your adopted sister or stepmom is and can be considered as incest. Rightfully so.

    I know everybody has their own perceptions and shit about this issue, but with all the pro Tavia&Moses around here, I feel like newaznsensation, myself, and a couple others (zero_c, etc.) are the only ones who would be strongly oppose/refuse the chance to fuck a stepsister/adopted-sister/cousin. I'm sorry, but it had to be said.
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    ...do you know what i am SICK of these threads about how incest it is ... it doesnt fucking matter ...... put it this way .... if you was 29 and you liked a 40 year old you still go out with her because you "like her"...... it doesnt really matter with tavia and moses ......not blood related and tavia had affection love towards moses soo meeh..... if you ask me ........ with tavias and moses situation .. why not .. oki .....i was raised by hor mah ....... with moses all my life .... called him "dai lo" then suddenly when you are 12 and moses is 16 ... you split up for like 20 + years ....... only seeing each other twice a year ..... ..... suddenly what ever how many years they start seeing each other u start getting jealous because your non related cousin dates him your love grows more ...... you work with him ... live in same building .... then boom he has heart disease making you care for him more .......then boom love happens makes babies ........ im not sure how many people here are "chinese " but you guys dont understand the "concept " of chinese relationships ....... jo ba and ho ma do not oppose love towards "bui" relationships nor "lor" ......because 85% of chinese parents rather have their son/daughter marry their bui mui" or "bui gor"........ just GET IT IN YOUR HEAD this is a chinese drama .... not an english or american or whatever ........ there are loads or japanese and taiwanese dramas about loving their sisters and family relations ........ so what if its incest ... whats it got to do with you?? ... this is for entertainment purposes ......and plus THEY ARE NOT BLOOD RELATED
    [EDIT] ow i wanted to say one more thing THEY LOVE EACH OTHER thats all that matters!!
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    ^yo i'm merely giving out and opinion don't hate and damn learn to pause sometimes when you write, headaches haha. and if you followed correctly they did not split up for 20 plus years, they have been brothers and sisters for 12 years in the past (assuming tavia was twelve when they split up/ tavia was adopted since she was like 1 and a half) and he is the closest brother from the other side (when he came to hor ma's place, everyone knew him). all of a sudden a relationship develops from a sibling to a romance just because she looks up to him, wow. its like if we take away the blood ties, just because u've been kinda distanced from your sister that you had a relationship (sibling) for 10 years, then it can turn into something more. damn. doesn't that sound wrong hmmm. and man, u tell us this has nothing to do with us and yet in the last sentence, u act like this affects you personally. don't use that as a reason to make ur opinion more justifiable cause it ends up sounding very hypocritical as u said it's not related to us but you make it as if it's a personal issue to you, which i hope isn't. oh yea and ur 29/40 year old thing has no relevance to this really, that was random haha.
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    @ultim8camper: go back...to your... "Tear Jerkers"....thread and continue ....to post your crying .....moments because...... obviously.....you're not getting it....they're not "biu miu"..... or "biu gor" ..... they're practically brothers and sisters....considering....they've been in the same family their whole frickin' lives....

    I've asked this, but you didn't seem to have answered it and yet, you're supporting Tavia & Moses: would you fuck your adopted sister that you've known since you were 5?

    I absolutely do not know why the fuck some of you guys say shit like "what's the issue got to do with you? the movie's for entertainment purposes." For fucks sakes, this is the discussion forums and we're voicing our opinions, if you don't like it, either grow a pair of balls and debate it or GTFO. Don't intrude the discussion to tell them that the series has nothing to do with them, shit. It's almost like you're in a debate class and someone tells you to calm the fuck down because the issue does not relate to you -- NO SHIT it doesn't relate to me, but this IS a debate class, it's why we're offering and arguing our opinions.
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    theres gunna be so much complaints , when theres incest, lol and where does it all trace back, lol MR,
    Brother : um, i was watching MR, andit showed a happy ending for brother and sister ......
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    ^damn phil 4 youtube vids for ya sig...thats pushin it haha....i see some "young" girls in the preview....
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    awww dam i guess the 29/40 dosent matter
    oh and i would also like to point out the timeline of moonlight resonance goes very fast ..*i only just realized that* soo if you add the fact moses came to hor ma house more often and moses and tavia worked together everyday and everything they have been through "together" of course their relationship will change and grow ....
    oh and with the bui mui and bui gor i was talking about the yuet and car mei and raymond and linda situation ........... its like the same thing .....
    oh and wtf ..... why is crying goto do with anything ??? oh and i would fuck my adopted sister that i known since i was 5 if it was true love and obviously tavia and moses had that ........ sooo :p
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    QFT -ohmy:puke:
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    whats QTF oh and btw the reason is because True love is inevitable ...if your in love with some one you do what ever to be with him/her i think thats another point that this drama is sending out .....
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    So is Hor Ma her mother or mother-in-law?
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    i don't think moses and tavia's relationship equals to incest cuz they knew that tavia was adopted since a young age and they did not meet for years. and growing up years are quite important in my opinion and since they didn't meet that much, it was ok for me.
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    Quoted For Truth

    i think its 50/50 since theyre close and not blood related but who knows.. well never be in their shoes so meh~ not blood related who cares haha