The drama turned out to be so different from the original preview

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  1. i was looking forward to this drama when i saw the preview on youtube months ago... and i remembered i hated their hairdo back then... and it looks so different now... so i went looking for the clip again and omg everything is so different!!

    2009.TVB.¹Ä¿Ñ²¶Y.DramaPreview.ŒmÐÄÓ‹_ÔÚÏßÊÓƵ¹Û¿´_ÍÁ¶¹ÍøÊÓƵ TVB¹Ä¿Ñ²¶Y Ö£¼ÎÓ± ÙÜÊ«Âü Ñîâù ³ÂºÀ

    the hair, the story, the actors have all been altered!!
    i'm soooooooooooooooooooooo glad they didn't use the original wigs lol
  2. phatcb

    phatcb Well-Known Member

    lol when i watched that i thought it was another version somewhere else... so different =/
  3. EvilTofu

    EvilTofu 吃|✿|0(。◕‿◕。)0|✿|吃

    That was just the promote, that give an idea of what the series is about but sometimes it'll change actors, styles etc.
  4. ultim8camper

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    awww i hope things like that will happen when she gets whipped and stabbed and stuff ....... shame that some actress are not in it... but thank gawd fala isnt ... i dont think i could listen to her inaccurate prenunctiations like the other drama any more :p
  5. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    look @ that fringe o___O; ehhh & the way Tavia speaks..jeez. i think Christine Ng & Fala are out cus of Stew of Life, which is broadcast right b4 BTROC

    def so different but yea, its for promoting, same type of storyline however.
  6. yeah i know things change from the promo vids all the time but i wasn't expecting this much of a change... once again i'm super glad they changed the wigs... :p pity Christine Ng couldn't be in this series... she would've been really good in...
  7. popfu

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    Christine Ng is so annoying. I'm really glad she's not in BTROC: she'll probably ruin this great show for me.
  8. Kaitou_Kid

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    i really hoped christine ng would be in it. she looks gorgeous in the preview!
  9. i think christine ng would be good in this series... coz she's really feminine and classy... she'd be better than rosanne lui i think :p
  10. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    oh yea true, she's quite classy, BUT ONLY when she's not in her heavy makeup lol

  11. negiqboyz

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    wow .. it's totally different ... a lot more violent treatment in that story .. i agreed though .. the wigs were a lot uglier in the promote .. ironically, i think the storyline in the promote a lot more .. the new one is okay .. kinda simplify things too much .. at least that's how i feel.
  12. yeah... and Tavia was the one Kevin liked in the preview not Charmaine...
  13. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    ^ i didn't know that .. but would've been interesting .. kev is quiet and tavia is bitchy .. who know .. might have been a hit couple .. lol
  14. yeah... Kev took Tavia's hand in the jail scene... would've been interesting to watch... but they changed the script...
  15. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    the series is winding down now .. getting bored of course, thx partially to kay for the spoilers .. lol .. damn, ya'll are good at finding these stuffs.
  16. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    yo man u have an OPTION to open it or not lol

    OMG i saw this promo video on TVBUSA yesterday!!! wonder why they didn't change to the new ones
  17. EvilTofu

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    Don't expect the spoilers to be the fact just yet...

    Sometimes it's not
  18. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    ^ i trust kay w/ her spoilers .. i am sure she did her research .. lol

    hk ppl spread and read gossips like eating their meal everyday .. so yeah .. i would say at least 98% of the spoilers will be true and of course, tvb series have been weak and predictive .. go figure .. lol
  19. bvballer

    bvballer Well-Known Member

    the promo script looks like a better script
  20. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    ^ it does, doesn't it? i think so too .. i dunno why they changed everything .. i don't might the cast change but the storyline should have stayed the same .. at the very least.