The Ending

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  1. Pinky

    Pinky Well-Known Member

    so what do u guys think about the ending?

    my thoughts
    on screen it looks like rain finds michael at their lil house but did she? one side of me want to believe so, but another part.. u gotta think about the fact that she went missing and such.. i also think that after finding out that he had left everything for her, she took her life and "joined" michael in that way.. when they huged.. i dunno .. i guess if they had spoken or sumthing i would think different
  2. porksi

    porksi Well-Known Member

    Funny you said that, i didnt consider the whole 'afterlife' idea, but it is possible as no words were spoken and the everything was blurred around them.

    I felt rain didnt get wat she deserved!, she was so evil and should of lost more!
  3. goddess

    goddess Well-Known Member

    The ending is confusing to me. Well to me, Michael was never actually confirmed as died so maybe, he is still alive. When they meet at the house, they were both still alive. Very Unclear, does anyone know what the ending is trying to represent???
  4. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    No idea, but I think the ending was pretty well crafted. I didn't interpret death. I just thought that Michael was in hiding all along, waiting for the time where his "will" would be read, so that he can confirm Rain's love for him.
  5. cutiekuo

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    I have no idea, How come micheal still alive? lol
  6. Same here....just ended up watching this series a little while ago even though it's been out for a while. I'd like to imagine a happy ending for Michaela and Sum Yee since there's no definite answer with the way they left it. I do like the fact that she was still wearing the ring and it was Michael's way of seeing if she still loved him after her need for revenge and everything that happened.
  7. JulianKevin

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    I love happy ending, so yeah they reunited.