The judges way of scoring are so BS

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  1. EvilTofu

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    It's so stupid the way they rate certain guests, I can understand a few points here and there, it happens in a few other EP as well but for ep12, they just went crazy with the scores and loads of help.

    They seem to be kissing asses too much to certain people which is understandable but not too much. What's the point in giving people scores if it really doesn't matter. It took the competitive aspect of the show a bit.
  2. KaY_xD

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    it IS at the first place.

    1) They aren't professional judges, they just rate on GOOD OR NOT. The appearance of the dish counts too.

    2) They tend to give higher scores to pretty models.......sigh* Siu Yee keep up the 117!!
    - Yuen Wing Yee doesn't know how to manage the kitchen @ all and she got 115, wtf.

    and also, there's little girl contest thing, so shit, especially in the recent ep, the first contestant, Emily or something, she just cut out the fish and place some simple sauce on top of it. WHAT THE F!!!? and she got higher scores than the other girl, who actually did a lil bit shit yo.
  3. RockkxD

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    Actually, I believe this show was meant to make people laugh and see how well the ladies can cook. I know some of the ladies were trying to suck up or they had something more in relationship with one of the judges but in the end, it's just a game. I really don't think the score matters because it's not really going to affect you in any way, it's to see how well the ladies did. Well, maybe for some news or a future life (marriage) but it stills makes you laugh if they did good or bad, in some way.
  4. mr_evolution

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    Yeah, there's always a few extra points for the judge's relationship, but in the end, the good ones do end up at the top amd bad ones end up at the bottom regardless
  5. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    yeah, i do agree, it makes me laugh all the time :D

    no one shall beat Siu Yee's 117!
  6. bbgirlsum

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    i dont mind the arse kissing but seriously on ep 12..... Yuen person doesn't deserve to win LOL yes it was amiracle that she cooked somethign so nice at the 2nd roudn but it should have been the Mung person should have won
  7. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    ^lol, i like how u just used the last name plus the word "person" to describe the contestant.

    the "Mung person" was one of the hell cooks last year. So i'm very happy for her.
  8. bbgirlsum

    bbgirlsum Well-Known Member

    ^ was she? i have forgotten allo the first series you know lol
    no woinder why she cried when she had full marks on her own cooking xD
  9. The_Jelly

    The_Jelly NSFW? :P

    Yeah, the show is just for laughs. It isn't really that competitive in a sense so the score is somewhat irrelevant.
  10. Kaitou_Kid

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    i totally agree! episode 12 was pretty outrageous! i wanted anita yuen to shut it already! she was so cocky and really she didn't cook either of her dishes. but the ranking is consistant for every show. it's just that the scores are outrageous!
  11. its not meant to be fair :p
  12. RockkxD

    RockkxD Moderator

    Anita is a Fadan, she has been with TVB for so long. There's a level of respect to her and plus, she was hella funny. I am pretty sure Chilam and Ekin will be so happy that they can cook, lol. And this episode was like the one of the kind of which all 3 cooks had a dish that actually tasted good to the judges.
  13. kawaiigirl

    kawaiigirl Well-Known Member

    Ti's ok as long its funny =P
  14. pensuked

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    Yeah the point system pretty much means nothing this season. Alex and Edumund are identical in giving points this season. The chefs hardly gives any decent advice anymore to dishes and became yes-men to the other judges really. (especially Kit who's points are identical to Ronald-the new CEO most of the time). They don't judge dishes by skills to make from season one anyway, but just from the taste. The reason the girl with the fish with sauce over it won because she steamed it(a popular method among chinese).
  15. nanciie

    nanciie Member

    i guess we can't really be too strict about hte point giving, i mean it just meant to be a fun show like for me i dont' take it seriously about the points just watching it for fun, but i can understand what your saying b/c seriously anita wasn't that good and she top the chart in 2nd rank -_-" well but connections counts too i guess lol
  16. 低B仔

    低B仔 Well-Known Member

    well its a comedy show not a real competition
  17. Charmaine Chan

    I guess its coz the previous episodes not all the pretty girls won..that's y episode 12 the ladies are getting more help..haha
  18. Nervios

    Nervios Well-Known Member

    if you can cook you'll get good points but other than's all for entertainment purposes
  19. lixerx

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    i think the scoring is fine as long as the judges dont give out too many negative scores. i hate seeing the contestants get teary eye after all their hard work.
  20. BestOffer

    BestOffer Well-Known Member

    lol, you really think the taste is "that" good? every girl who cooked their entree and asked the by-passers to try and give them 100's all the time...the show is to have fun and give the audiences the fun in watching, i doubt the food are really that good; from the way they cook things and of how the celebrities do not know how things are cooked, the food can't be that good, period

    i could imagine that, seeing thou is hard work, but taste wise, if the food is not fully cooked or it contains the fishy taste, is really hard to give any above-zero marks;
    tiny things like steaming without water??? cooking the fish w/o washing them???

    off track...i, myself do not cook as a career, but contestants should know at least what should go with what not randomly make something "hoping" the customer to consider they have done a good job;
    even when i try out new things, if they taste bad, i would throw them out and rather not give the people who are eating them a bad image of my cooking; un-acceptable = un-acceptable, no excuse, try better next time; maybe i am just a perfectionish? if i eat out n they are bad, i would say it, no mercy!