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  1. MasterJin

    MasterJin Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.

    Some of you may already know that im a HUGE Photoshop fan. Ive been using it on and off for around 3-4yrs
    and i absolutely LOVE it. In my opinion, it is without a doubt the BEST image editing software available.
    (Sorry MS Paint fans. Lol).

    I was just wondering if there are other Photoshop fans in PA (which i know there are) that would like
    to post some of their work here and receive comments about their drawings. Just an idea i thought would
    be interesting.

    Here's some of my drawings i did in my spare time.

    P.S. The images are not of the best quality and their actual size.

    Suggestions for improvement or general Comments are greatly appreciated!!! And give credit where its due!!! LOL

    Oh and one more thing: Please dont use someone else's work and claim that its your's!!! People spend a lot of
    time and effort into their drawings. Its not fair for you to claim their work as being your's.
    This is not an exam/competition to show who can do the best drawings, its just a place for you to appreciate
    other people's hard work and talent.

    One last thing. I promise. LOL: If you like drawing anime wallpapers for ur desktop (like me), ive found a gr8
    website where you can upload the images you create; get "online money" for them, enabling you to download other
    ppl's amazing wallpaper designs (these cannot be found anywhere else) in FULL QUALITY.

    Here's the site:

    (I haven't had the chance to upload any of my designs on the anime site yet, but i will do when ive perfected
    each image).

    Oh and one more thing.......... Only Joking!!!! :)

    (Most recent ones are at the top. The last ones go back 4 years ago.









    I'll try to update when i do more drawings.
  2. MasterJin

    MasterJin Well-Known Member

    As you can probably gather, i like to draw anime wallpapers for my desktop. I can draw the characters fine. Even
    add some special effects to the eyes or clothes. The only problem i have (you can probably see this through my
    is that i can never design a good background!!!! Sometimes having a plain background is just boring.
    Gradients sometimes don't work and im not that good with the Filters menu to add cool effects. I always tend to
    do too much and then it looks horrible. In the end i stick with a boring plain background/ or gradient.

    Any suggestions???
  3. Wow...
    U did these urself?
    Sooooo talented!! -clapclap
  4. goo wak jai

    goo wak jai Well-Known Member

    the pic of the guy from bleach looks cool... the pic are like quite big, maybe make them smaller so ppl on pa can see them easier?
  5. Knoctur_nal

    Knoctur_nal |Force 10 from Navarone|

    nice ups.
  6. brown_bear

    brown_bear ☆‧° ☆﹒﹒‧ ☆ ﹒﹒‧☆‧° ☆

    wow them pics are so cool wish my PS skills were as good....but i suck at PS meaning to learn it still >.< on list to-do :)

    TIP: can you make them having to scroll down then across
  7. Taxloss

    Taxloss Stripper Vicar

    Really cool stuff you have qabarjjar! Perhaps you can create some small easy to the eye figures like simple flowers, small abstract figures or a simple environment background that suits the character (like a gym, beach, open field in the summer/winter etc)
  8. Nirvania

    Nirvania I'm BRACK!?

    use custom abstract brushes or add an environment picture, then

    apply motion blur to it
  9. -Tisken-

    -Tisken- Well-Known Member

    omg verry nice :O
    u can make money with this ...
    btw how do u do that? : D
    i also use Photoshop, but i'm not that good...
  10. MasterJin

    MasterJin Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks 4 the nice comments guys :). I did say give credit where its due. lol lol. No really, thank you very much. I'll try to make the images smaller. I wasnt thinking right when i was uploading them. Its not like everyone has the same monitor size as me. Hehe

    @Taxloss & Nirvania: Thanks 4 the tips guys. I'll try them out sometime and show u the results.

    @ People who want to know how i did it: I simply followed easy tutorials online. I found this tutorial back in 2005 and its the best tutorial ive found for making anime wallpapers. Here's a link:

    Hope it helps.

    P.S. When u are doing it, make sure u take ur time. The longer u take the better the result.

    Thanks again guys. Try to post some of ur work if u can.
  11. fearless_fx

    fearless_fx Eugooglizer

    do u have any wallpapers of Jiraiya from Naruto? :p
  12. fearless_fx

    fearless_fx Eugooglizer

    requires registration... ghey
  13. yea you gotta register n get a few posts before you can download them... but i'm sure youre used to the process by now...

    where do you guys learn how to color?
  14. MasterJin

    MasterJin Well-Known Member

    @Fearless: U can make ur own pics of Jiraiya by watching parts of Naruto with Jiraiya in, and printscreening an image of his u like. Then using the tutorial above, u can make it stand out more and give it special effects.

    @Ecko: I learned about colours by downloading loads and loads of tutorials about Photoshop. If you really want to get into Photoshop i recommend you download a couple of them too. Here's a link to some tutorials:

    If you want to know pretty much everything about Photoshop, i recommend u get the Total Training series. Complete Basic to Advanced tutorials are about 13GB. But its worth the download. Great video tutorials that give u knowledge about the software.
    For just basics or a specific area of Photoshop, check out the tutorials. They have been broken down into specific sections of Photoshop e.g. Channel Masks, Lighting, Colours etc etc.

    Hope it helps. -coolio
  15. don

    don ello

    they're huge o_O but nice :D
  16. kakenx

    kakenx Well-Known Member

    Hitsugaya looks nice^^! Think u can add some text to it.. play w/ typography and it'll make the boring gradient look nicer!
  17. MasterJin

    MasterJin Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. I was gonna add some text to Hitsugaya's pic but it was 6:00 in the morning (i was doing it 4 like 8 hours). lol and i just fell asleep. I did have some plans 4 that pic. Will edit it when i have time. [That is my fav pic out of the lot BTW]. :)

    P.S. When i can. i'll change the size of the pics so everyone can see them more easily.
  18. fearless_fx

    fearless_fx Eugooglizer

    lol im actually using ur naruto one as my desktop wallpaper
  19. drsnoopy

    drsnoopy Well-Known Member

    cool, i wish i was as talented.