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  1. RockkxD

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    Those three episodes taught me alot of things, I don't know if it's real or not but it was sure freaky. But if I was to choose between real or not, I'd probably choose that they can probably be real. Since, I doubt we're the only type that actually thrives around here on Earth. Maybe they're on some other planet or they can so possibly be watching us now. You never know.. ET can be real.. -unsure.

    Do you believe it or not? Got any comments that you want to share? Feel free to response and interact with this mystery!
  2. jcy_yan

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    The kidnapping by aliens thing was kinda weird... or maybe it's the canto dub... it sounded soo fake...

    And the scientist guy in the first episode that really believed in aliens... like i don't understand how they can like profit from pure theories... again.. might be the canto dub...

    But I disagree with what the guy was saying about people in the olden days not being very smart...

    I do think that there is something out there though... like outside of our solar system, a parallel or something like that
  3. RockkxD

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    ^ I so agree, the kipnapping was like weird and freaky. Like the aliens would mate with a human to get a baby alien, damn, that's nasty. I also wonder if it really did happen, since they got a head skeleton of what they believe as a alien.
  4. gawain187

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    But I do believe that there are alien lifeforms outside of this universe. Its just that the current technology is not upto standards to discover outside of the milkyway.

    Its very intriguing to hear of alien presence appearing in the earth
  5. garfieldmau

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    UFO.. once hongkies see that behind the mountain.. but to me.. i do believe the existing.. because the universal is so big...
  6. CrossMagus

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    I do believe they existed...
    Since you can't be sure that life-forms is unable to exist in other planet
  7. lasalle

    lasalle Well-Known Member

    People always looking to believe in something.. god, UFO, ghost..etc
  8. yasuaki

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    Personally I think that UFOs and aliens to be quite possible. The vastness of space and the universe, merely by numbers it would be foolish of use to think that we're the only form of intelligent life in the universe.