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Discussion in 'Traveling Abroad' started by negiqboyz, Jul 13, 2013.

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    Hey y'all Canadians in Toronto! I will celebrate my dad's bday in Toronto this year. What is the best Chinese restaurant there that requires advanced booking and/or ordering of food menu? I m talking about those banquet meal. If you know the place, please also tell me the best seating arrangement as well - the Chinese character for longevity that restaurants have on their wall so I know to request it when making my reservation. Thanks y'all!
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    theres one near hwy7 and 14th but its really expensive. its a course menu like a banquet. i went there for fathers day
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    Thanks ya'll .. Rtran37 have some nice restaurants there but back from the trip when I saw your post. Tried Ginger & Onion in Markham .. not bad.
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    oMei is really good but extremely expensive, I saw people with body guards/drivers there once so yeah.


    You can go cheaper down in Scarborough at Perfect Chinese Restaurant, their food is alright but the price is really good especially if you want to get a lot of tables and best of all they are open 24/7.