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    viet and chinese arent one, but they certainly can be mixed XD
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    i don't think so
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    It's all depend on where you live. If in China and you're Vietnamese. You will be treated as minority and little offense to the Chinese. This goes vice versa if you're Chinese and live in Vietnam. On the other hand, not going to matter if whatever nationality you are and live in United States. You'll treat pretty much the same.
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    Most of Vietnamese don't know the history well enough.
    1) Quang Dong and Quang Tay have never belonged to Viet Nam. Viety Cent did not understand even when he cited the wiki. The wiki did say that Trieu Da merged Quang Dong and Quang Tay to Giao Chi

    "...He [Trieu Da] later served in a Qin expeditionary force that was sent south. In 206 BCE, Zhao Tuo defeated the Au Lac kingdom of An Dương Vương(安阳王) and merged it with Guangdong and Guangxi, which were under his command during the time of Qin rule. Along the way, he married a Yue wife. ..."

    OK, so Vietnamese, please understand that Quang Dong and Quang Tay are never part of Viet Nam

    2) The disputed of Viet Nam and China even so rediculous. Ai Nam Quan, can be interpreted as "The South Port or Gate".
    Because it is located in the South of China and Viet Nam also verbally admitted that already belong to China. I don't what ground that Viet Nam can claim.

    If Viet Nam wants to claim "Ai Nam Quan", then Viet Nam better off, calls it "Ai Bac Quan" or "North Port". Don't you Vietnames feel silly?!

    3) Most of the land, when the French invaded Sourth East Asia, they also governed Paracel Islands and Spratly islands. So they are never part of Viet Nam.

    China claims that because Zheng He, in Ming dynasty already travelled to those island. I don't agree with that claim. But I don't agree with Viet Nam reciculus claim forever.

    4) Chu Nom is started to take form after 111 AD. Viet Nam borrowed everything from governing, archtitecture, philosophy, medication, you name it but NEVER appreicate jack.
    Most Viet Namese don't even know chu Nom and How chi Nom was form.

    If you, Viet namesee that use chu Nom today, you going to cry out loud because Vietnamese has to learn twice Chinese.

    This is how Chu Nom was formed. Vietnamese borrowed the sound and the meaninf of two Chinese words for one word for most of Vietnamese vocabulary.

    For example: Nom is combined of two Chinese words "The South" and "Mouth". Number 3, pronounced "ba" is combined by, again, two Chinese words, "Ba" for the sound of Ba and "tam" the word of meaning three".

    Nguyen Du, Vietnamese's great Literaturer, who most Viet namese are pround of, borrowed the entire "Truyen Kieu" from the Chinese work. If he was so great, why did not he write his own?
    Until know, a lot of Vietnamese words are still Chinese, and Vietnamese don't even know it. For example, Dong Tay Nam Bac (East, West, South, North), Nhan dan (People)

    Viet is from Yueh. It is part of China, OK? Viet some how either took root or borrowed from the Chinese Yueh. Got it?

    4) Now, Vietnamese know more about Chiense history than Vietnamese themselve, through Hong Kong movie. So who forces the Vietnamese to sell short their culture?

    Viet Nam received help from China more than the south got help from US. Does any Vietnamese text mentioned that. Did Viet Nam ever paid anything to China but to the Soviet Union. No China, No Diep Bien Phu Victory over French OK?

    If Viet Nam claimed that China always bullies Viet Nam, that is not truth. China has been helping the North Korea and Africa. I never heard that they said China bully. In fact, I heard a lot Africans how much apreciation toward China. Because of that appreciation, China holds a UN Security Council seats (US, Russia, French, England, China)

    Viet Nam NEVER beat China in 1979. This is a lie! China informed US counter part to teach Viet Nam a lesson of betrayal. China fought that war to achieve its agenda but never meant to invade. However, China did not achieve it military adavange of that.

    Viet Nam was lucky when the Mongolian invaded Viet Nam because they already weak, not because Vietnamese was powerful.

    I agreed that Vietnamese were good at fighting but without China and Soviet help, it woulod be still North and South today

    Most of Vietnamese are so pround of Hai Ba Trung but never know her origin. Her husband was hidden and never killed by China during the raid of 41 AD.

    I can list more but to most Vietnamese. Don't just blind claim! Even Nguyen Ngoc Ngan did not say thing right either!
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    aaw c'mon. we all the same.

    Before China, before Vietnam, we were once the same indeginious yellows

    Through time the yellows has made today, following a historical migration.
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    Which country's history is longer???
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    actually there are almost same time histry.
    bcos of china civilize much improve at ancient time.
    so many think it was china start b4.
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    troi oi!!
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    Vietnamese and Chinese are not the same. Although Vietnam used to be dominated by Chinese for thousands year and so had adopted the Chinese culture, it still doesn't mean two are one. A woman named Hai Ba Trung had fought again the Han army in a place known as part of Vietnam today. This was considered the first fight for independence in Vietnam history. After the Han dynasty, many other following dynasties of China tried to rule Vietnam but they all got the resistance from people who considered themselves as not Chinese. That's why you can see some similarities in culture, writing system, etc... of these two countries. Still, you cant say English is France or German because English borrow many words from France or German. After the dominations of China, Vietnam himself develops his own culture and everything... part of them based on China's...
    Some may say for that long, most of Vietnamese had been treated to become Chinese. This was done by letting Chinese men marriage Vietnamese women, and the next generation born would have Chinese in their blood. So, it just can be said that Vietnamese have part of Chinese, but they are not Chinese. If you have ever noticed, the mix is always good. Also, we human evolved from monkeys ( they have scientific names, but you see what I mean), it means we have the same ancestor, but you would never say people from one country is another, just like in the case of Vietnamese having a Chinese ancestor. What determines how people in one country different from other is the way they live. Last but not least, as I know, China for a long time in the past had be ruled by Mongolian, Tungus. Would you consider Chinese as Mongolia? Again, when we say Vietnamese, we mean origin Vietnamese and Vietnamese/Chinese who live in VIETNAM.
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    where did you hear that :) VN and CN is separator country..-lol