Vivien Yeo (Athena)

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  1. jojolamby

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    eh i dont really mind vivien but i didnt really like her character at all...she was such a bitch...i really wanted to slap her in most of the scenes. i felt bad for myolie the whole time =/
  2. I dun understand why there was a need for Kyle AKA Bosco to go with Athena in the first place?

    It's like wtf!? <_<

    It was basicaly becos he felt guilty that her stoopid face gots some dumba$$ cut
    Like yeh oki then...
    Good reason -dead
    So dumb... <_<

    Think shes way over the top tho...
    So funny when she tripped on some random orange peel -lol-clapclap

    And the boxin match...
    So damn fake >.<

    But i reckon she probs have improved... actin wise and her canto -^_^
  3. i dont like her Malaysian accent... if you listen clearly when she talks you can hear it :( but pretty girl i guess.....she looks better in this series than she usually does.....this is a big role for her acting career.
  4. xaznxryux

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    cuz she is malaysian lol

    but personally i think myolie > vivien, but i still think vivien looks cute ^_^
  5. Mixie

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    Man..Athena is evil...bloody bitch ill say haha
  6. tien317

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    Wah...some of u criticizing her bcoz she is from Malaysia?and her accent?
    Anyway...i give credits to her good acting as an evil here....
  7. Vivian's canto as improved
    Wayyy better than when she first come out ;)
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    I don't think it's a Malaysian accent. It comes from people who have been speaking Mandarin all their lives. Like Shu Qi for example. But I find Vivien's accent far more irritating that Shu Qi's, so I conclude that I just dont' like her...that's why nothing about her is right -sweat
  9. from wikipedia:
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    ^Haha...yeah, I know where she's from, but I'm just telling you that the accent does not pinpoint where she is from.
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    Her role in this drama is making so many people hating her....!!! Give her some time to improve though she cant speak good cantonese
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    I have nothing against her, but her accent really bugged me, and her look was really bitchy, thou that mite be the costume and makeup department doing.
  13. Spygurl

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    lol I love her accent. I love Vivien Yeo when she acts as a police, but she's such a bitch in this drama...>___<
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    Lol... no one likes her in this series i guess cause.... how dare she try to break apart boscolie!!! Rawr~!
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    Vivian is still considered new in the showbiz. So there's definitely still plenty of room for improvement. But i've got to hand it to her she's only started acting like wat? 4 to 5 years and you can see she's definitely improved. You can tell that she's got some talent. And i got to admit that her cantonese is a bit weird but it's not bad. Compare her cantonese accent in Sunshine heartbeat and now, da improvement is very obvious so is her acting.

    There are a lot of hk actress who's been in the biz far longer than viv yeo and they still sux in acting. She's improving really fast so i think she deserves some credit. She gets to play a bad role and she nailed it competely. So she deserves some compliment.

    Great job Viv! Keep up da good work. You make Malaysians proud!

    And she might not hav the hk actress stunning looks, but she is pretty in a very cute kinda way. She might be chubby but i actually thinks that that's part of her charm. It makes her look healthy unlike some hk actress who's goin on diets and ended up looking half dead.
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    her accent is bad. its kinda annoying sometimes, but then i guess its not like its her fault. and yeah i hated her in this series. i guess thats a good thing. if she made me hate her then she did a good job in portraying her role.
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    lol seriously