What do you think about the direction (stone sir going) the route

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    You know what, you maybe right that there are more criminals being caught then get away, but you do know there cases when the criminals have enough money to bribe jury or hire really good lawyers to clear them of all the charges, most we never hear of it. The term is called injustice, some people might agree with me some don't, so who ever doesn't agree with you is dumb and ignorant. If you have so much faith in such a bullshit system, good for you...ass.

    You're telling me that if a family member of yours was murdered and that person who has all the evidence against him and gets away with it, you'd be fine with sentence because it's the law (every thing was done to procedure).

    As for the cops doing whatever they want, it depends on the circumstances. I feel that if the cop feels that there is no justice being served in courts and they take it upon themselves to help families find closure, I am fine with that. If they use their power to abuse the innocent then no, their job is to get rid of criminals and protect people.
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    so you think he is right by stealing a gun and killing people and tell blatant lies to court... ok man whatever

    im pretty much siding with Mad sir.... you can go out of the rules a little to collect evidents and shit. but you gotta have a bottom line that you cant cross no matter what, that is going off and execute people yourself. this pretty much isnt even argueable
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    Yes I do think it's right those people killed innocent people, I feel it's right. Don't even get me started on him killing Carson and going psycho. It's just a way for TVB to make the audience distinguish good and bad, so the audience will side with Mad.

    It's fine that you side with Mad, I don't like being disrespected cause I think different from you. I find it interesting that almost all my white friends agree with me, but some of my asian friends don't about this topic in general.
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    Stone Sir is a badass, i love him. His performance is way better than Michael Miu in this series.
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    This is another cool TVB this year, the series started off with a mystery which hooked audience to follow what the truth is. Its not too bad at the end that Stone sire knowing his own fault.